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Thread: The best valentines day ever

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    So, my boyfriend knew for a while that I enjoy wetting myself. He said that he isn't into it, but he had let me pee on him, and he has peed on me many times. So in the car, I casually brought up that I like to wear diapers. I never thought he would take it so well! I asked him if he wouldn't mind if I wore them around the house, he said he didn't care! I was totally shocked that he took this so well! I was so afraid to tell him! So after I told him, we came home and I put on a diaper. I had some since we have a baby and someone bought us a bigger sized diaper, that I happened to fit in. I asked him if he would wet himself for me, he even said yes to that! It was the sexiest thing everrrr! While he was wetting himself, I went in my diaper. After we were both done, we took our wet stuff off and had sex (the best sex of my life). I put on another diaper after we were done, and went to bed. This was the first time ever that I slept in a diaper. It was the best feeling ever. When I woke up though out the night to pee, I could just let it go, and fall back to sleep. My boyfriend cuddled me all night, and it didn't bother him that I was wearing a diaper! I have dreamed about this happening for as long as I could think of. I never thought that I would find someone who accepts me like this. BEST DAY EVERRRR!!!

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    Interesting, different strokes for different folks i guess, glad you had a nice valentines day, after i got my gf some lovely flowers and a box of chocolates i peed on her face just to show her how much i love her >< Lol just joking.

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    he didn't have the money to really buy me anything this year. he just wanted to please me i guess. it made me happy though!

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    As long as your happy I guess that's all that matters, plus you don't need money to show someone how much you love them.

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    Good, just for future reference post like this might be better off under off topic or Diaper talk.

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    This looks like your first thread here ilovemyboyfriend. We are a community to help each other out and like to know a little about each other. What are some of your non-DL interests? I like movies, myself. Welcome and I'm glad you have an understanding bf!

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