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Thread: Huggies xl (1989-1990)

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    Default Huggies xl (1989-1990)

    Anyone familiar with HUGGIES for Him (or Her) from the late 1980s early 1990's? I am looking for these if you have any available or if yiou can point me in the direction to find a package of these.

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    I remember them as a kid, all blue. We did a cleanout of a set of old draws and found an old unused nappy(use to be changing table for us) not sure what brand.

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    I can't answer your question, but I remember my mother telling me my diapers had a storybook print... But she told me I wore Luvs... Strange.

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    There's a package of those covered in random fishing supplies at a tiny little country store down the road from where my family keeps our boat.

    I think the packaging is torn slightly on the top. But they cost $4.99, along with like a half dozen other really old packs of vintage diapers that have been sitting there for...ages (including some old looking green package of Goodnites!).

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    I wish!

    I remember buying those for myself when I was 13-14 years old. I wish I still had some. Those and the Pampers Phases of similar vintage are my favorite disposables of all time. I always bought the "For Her" kind, though. On top of the fact that it supported my claim that the diapers weren't for me (a ridiculous thing to worry about, but I did anyway), I've always been a bit of a sissy and found the girls' prints to be cuter and more babyish.

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    @ Dan09 - I would be interested in those if you can get them.

    @ Honeywell6180 For some reason I cant send Private messages. do you have an image of the package with 8 left that you have? can you tell me what the measurement of the diapers are from the diaper fold to the top?

    what would your asking price be? are they for Him, or Her?

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    Dan09, I am interested in these if you can get them. Let me know.

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    I remember them
    they supposedly had more padding in the front for boys and more in the middle for girls, then eventually the went back to unisex diapers to save costs

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    Also diapers was bigger back then. I would love a vintage baby diaper to try

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