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Thread: hello (I'm not very good at this type of thing)

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    Default hello (I'm not very good at this type of thing)

    Hello all

    I'm really shy and hope to get a warm welcome

    Sorry i'm dyslexic my spelling isn't good at all

    I have nether talk about this side of my self but here it goes I started off as a DL and have all ways been into diapers from about the age of 4. Opened up to the AB side of things later on in life. Have told my partner (kinda) but she knows I like diapers and I have a binky and my plushie puppy in the bed most of the time And some feeted pj's but I have trouble with the other stuff im nearly there but keep stumbling at the last hurdle. Iv repressed it most of my life but I think I'm coming to accept it little by little over the last few years

    I joined this site to post and get some guidance but got scared and nether posted any thing. My partner is the only person that knows (at least I hope)

    I enjoy video games, music (i go to alot of festivals), movies (anything form cartoons to horror) and am a artist/graphic designer

    Is that ok? Feel free to ask me any questions

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    Welcome to the forum, what video games are you into at the moment ? i have found lots of great advice here and I'm sure you will to, monkey.

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    Dayz and hearthstone atm but can't wait for titanfall I didn't get a beta code =( wish they would bring out a new monster hunter! how about you?

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    At the moment GTA 5 online, looking to buy gran turismo 6 and not to long ago complete dishonored, i really enjoyed that which surprised me as I'm only into car games, but that's about it, nothing too exciting Lol.

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    Didn't enjoy gta 5 online that much felt like there needed to be more to it. Enjoyed dishonored alot good story line and great graphics game play could have been better.

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    Welcome kopykat! I'm a graphic artist and a gamer too. I haven't played Dishonored yet, but I have it on PC. I gotta beat LA Noire, Brutal Legend, or Alan Wake before I get into another game.

    What tools do you use for art? I mostly use Adobe CS5.5.

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    LA noire is a good game my house mate moved out before I could finish it I need to pick it back up. Alan wake was scary still jump from light to light when I'm out in the dark! I only have cs 3 but im using my galaxy note 3 for drawing alot atm it's a great phone and it cool for drawing on i need to learn some new stuff but i got stuck in your ways.

    Dishonored is a great game abit short but I loved the storyline

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