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    What was the closest call you ever had while wearing diapers? What was the outcome?

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    Most recently, for me it would be a lake trip I went on with some family a few weeks back.

    I ended up bringing along a couple of teddy bambinos, before I realized just how tough it would be to even wear them just to bed in the three bedroom cabin we were staying in. (my parents and myself, an uncle and his wife, and my cousin and her two kids)

    I ended up volunteering to sleep on a couch out by the upstairs mini-living room area, thinking it would be pretty secluded, and even managed to get a diaper on like a ninja while pretending to be in the shower.

    Anyways, I was out of the bathroom with some sweatpants and a T-shirt on, about to climb into 'bed' on the couch when out of nowhere two of my oldest cousins' kids (ages 5 and 2) came flying out of one of the bedrooms and ran over to my little hideout.

    I ended up having to endure almost ten minutes of having two little tornados flying around while I desperately tried to avoid getting up off the couch while also trying to keep my shirt from riding up. Even after they had gone off to bed , I was super paranoid and worried almost that entire night.

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    Mine would be when my cousin showed up out of no where and I had a dirty classico bambino on and had to run to the bathroom and shower.and he decided to snoop on my laptop and saw I was looking at dprtube luckily he didn't know about me in the diaper and he never said anything about it after that night.

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    I remember when I was about 13, I had used a diaper in the shower before school.. don't ask why. Anyway, I had to dispose of the diaper outside the house so I put the diaper in my schoolbag and the thing was leaking out of my bag everywhere. I dumped the waterlogged diaper in the school bin when no one was looking. Don't know what the hell I was thinking sometimes.

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    the closets time for me was i was home alone seeing my parents were gone camping for a few days and so i was in just a diaper and a shirt. i was going out into the grudge to get some food from the freezer but as soon as i opened the door my neighbor was there. she comes over a lot to barrow things from the grudge. as soon as i noticed her i closed to door fast just saying "hi, bye" lol but i do not know if she noticed i was in a diaper or just undies but she has never said anything.

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