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Thread: Wearing panties full time

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    Default Wearing panties full time

    Lately I have noticed that when ever I wear bras and panties they feel natural to me like I was meant to wear them. I really can't explain the feeling I get when wearing them but it just feels natural to me. It is way more comfortable than any other type of underwear.

    I want to wearing panties full now time and I obviously can't do that with bras. My problem is that I think I will get caught because I have noticed through my natural movements and actions my shirt comes up and reveals my underwear often.

    I want to know what experience do you guys have with wearing panties in public how often do you do it and has anybody seen you wearing them.


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    I used to do it a lot before I went 24/7 with diapers.
    Tho I sometimes sneak in a wear for a short while.
    I strongly agree they are way more comfy that mens undies.

    Tho the bra thing is not my thing, tho for that when I tried was
    just a random order. May of been a wrong size for me.

    I always wore shirts long enough so they do not rise up when
    bend over or kneel down. So the panties then or diapers now
    are not seen by others.
    Pants style may also effect it some.

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    Now I wanna try them! See how comfy they are by the way love the applebloom avatar!!

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    I wear panties full time now for a while. If someone spots it out, I will be like...

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    I wear full cut panties over my diapers all the time. I also wear a onesie a lot of the time over them so I don't have them showing.
    also wear my shirts on the outside of my jeans.

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    While i don't wear all the time, I do wear them mainly to work these days. I'm sure that if my shirt comes untucked that the waistband shows some, but noone has said anything yet.

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    I just have to be less self conscious and make sure my shirts are long enough, thank you for all the replies.

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleT View Post
    Now I wanna try them! See how comfy they are by the way love the applebloom avatar!!

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    It'll get easier as you continue. Though like you while I enjoy a bra I don't dare go out in one

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluehusky View Post
    It'll get easier as you continue. Though like you while I enjoy a bra I don't dare go out in one
    What about a triangle or training bra? That shouldn't add any padding to your chest but you'll still feel it.

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    Dear tall2826
    Spending most of my life trying to be who i am not has been not that fulfilling. For the last four years of my life i have been wearing girdle panties over my diaper and felt so much better. The thought about getting caught fades with practice and then when it does happen, no one says anything. Had a lot more comments about my ears being pierced. Yes i wear a bra every day and when i wear a white blouse the beige bra does not stand out too much. Only Ladies notice that the buttons are on the proper side and seem to accept this with talking about styles and fashion.
    This world has change for the better and i am enjoying it.
    Sincerely mypet

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