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Thread: Well that was all very terrible

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    Default Well that was all very terrible

    Okay, so I've just ordered some maxi slips, which is all very well and good (I told dad it was a video game bundle). Dad just walked into my room a minute ago and asked what I did with the packaging. I should have said that I had already thrown it out, but I just said 'around here somewhere'. So he just started opening draws, which is NOT good. I panicked and sort of shouted 'STOP!'
    He gave me a funny look and left...

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    oh yeah, those situations can always go better then we think and its at moments like that i wish i could freeze time for a few sec to think about what to say... and tbh ur dad was just curious. My mom always ask what i get in the mail when i order diapers but i either say "None of ur business" or "its a secret" (and she respects that) but i dont think you need to worry, ur dad probably just think its porn or something

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    Hopefully, your right. The really terrible thing is, I actually did throw out the packaging earlier today. God.

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    Well i dont think he is gonna go through the garbadge o.O cause then i think he would be kinda going too far and you are 18 so you should be allowed to have some privacy

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    No, I mean the only reason he started going through my draws was to throw away the 'videogame' packaging, of which I had already done.

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    oh, i see... well then its something else. Well atleast he didnt find ur diapers

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    My god, that would have been a nightmare. My conservative 61 year old father finding adult diapers in his seemingly fit sons room.

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    Plz help with my latest thread! U seem to be pretty experienced!!! -Lushy9160

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    Ironic considering your new topic, and lushy, that is fairly rude. It explains why he was snooping today though. Still wrong of him though, tn trow out your stash and confront you.

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    Yeah, I was putting the two threads together as well. If he threw out your new, unused diapers, maybe you can retrieve them. If not, you'll have to live without them, I guess.

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