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Thread: Diapers you wore when you were a toddler.

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    Default Diapers you wore when you were a toddler.

    I did a post about this way back when....but lets do a current one, since we've got a huge influx of new people. Heck some of you may have grown up in the icky cloth backed generation!!!

    1. What brand or what kind of diapers did you wear as a kid?
    2. Did you eventually graduate to pull-ups(or were you not part of that generation)
    3. What baby diaper brand do you identify most with?

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    All I ever had was cloth. No disposables back then. Also only rubber pants.

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    My mother's told me I was sent home from the hospital in Pampers but she used Luvs on me. She never put me in training pants. I can't say I really ''identify'' with the brand though... I have no memories of wearing.

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    Cloth, cloth, and cloth.

    I was raised with cloth prefolds, and I graduated to cloth pullups.

    Funny, I liked disposables a lot more when I first got into diapers as a kid. Now, I'm totally for homemade cloth diapers.

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    Proud huggies/pull-ups/goodnights boy over here! My memories of wearing those are what led to be a DL

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    i dont really remember (and i dont really wanna ask my mother) but it was probably Libero or Pampers

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    I was in Luvs if I remember correctly. My parents never put me in pull ups when I was potty training, but my nanny and my grandparents did...

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    I never asked but I was a pampers boy, I think.
    And If I remember correctly, I have a good memory, I wore the pampers phase. (the packaging is such a vivid image of mi toddlerhood, that it wouldn't be surprising that I saw it a lot at home.)

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    I was mainly in the old plastic backed Pampers with bears on the taping strip back in the 90's and a bit later on it was the Luvs with the barney strips across the front, then finally pull ups with Mickey Mouse on them.

    I didn't wear pull ups that much while at home apparently, only when out and about and while staying at my grandma's farm (which I did a LOT as a kid). According to the bits of information/pictures I've gotten over the years, it was the larger sized Luvs at night, and pull ups during the day while at grandmas.

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    Diapers were flat cloth. If the question is toddler, Iím fairly sure my waterproof pants were rubber at that age. Later on I wore plastic for bed-wetting.

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