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    Gerber First Essentials Baby Bottle Medium Flow | eBay
    is there anywhere i can get something like this? same shape possibly with just a plain white ring around it (dosent have to have one though) for a better price (since shipping to australia is about 30 dollars)
    could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a hand with this? *puppy dog eyes*

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    Do they have Wal-Marts or similar stores where you live? or how about a drug store? or a big box type store like Babies R Us, Toys R Us, etc. might be a good place to try.

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    checked all the local stores theres only NUK and advent bottles really none seem to come in that shape or size

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    So, um... What makes it better, the description doesnt give size so is it just bigger? I am cotent with my 1 dollar-ish bottle i got at wal-mart. It has litle pink designs and stuff. I enlarged the base slow flow nipple too.

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    oh i just meant price wise. it alright now though found one on amazon that had much cheaper shipping

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