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Thread: Facebook has new options

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    Default Facebook has new options

    Did anyone else see that Facebook has new options for identifying yourself (U.S. only, it says). They include:

    Cis Female
    Cis Male
    Cis Man
    Cis Woman
    Cisgender Female
    Cisgender Male
    Cisgender Man
    Cisgender Woman
    Female to Male
    Gender Fluid
    Gender Nonconforming
    Gender Questioning
    Gender Variant
    Male to Female
    Trans Female
    Trans Male
    Trans Man
    Trans Person
    Transexual Female
    Transexual Male
    Transexual Man
    Transexual Person
    Transexual Woman
    Transgender Female
    Transgender Person
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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Apparently, no AB category yet.
    Well thats because there is pretty much for gender identity not fetish/lifestyle w/e

    Also i hope there never is such a category on FB.

    Also this seems to be overly PC bs
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatAndyGuy View Post
    Well thats because there is pretty much for gender identity not fetish/lifestyle w/e

    Also i hope there never is such a categort on FB.
    I was kidding and I agree.

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    There does not ever need to be that many options. That is extremely excessive.

    You do not ever need 40 "cis" options, and you do not need another 40 trans options. More than half of these overlap each other and can easily be lumped into a singular category. I understand wanting to show your identity, but this is far too much.

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    Definitely overkill imo, but maybe others feel differently?

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    What's cisgender and what is the difference between cis woman and cisgender woman?

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    Here I was thinking there was no reason to put this in the Mature Topics forum. Then I read the replies.

    I'm a bit sad. Almost all the responses so far have been, and I feel bad for saying this but.. just negative nitpicking. Facebook has done an amazing thing by trying be inclusive and we are going to be upset because they might have been just the tiniest bit 'careful' in making sure people could label themselves the way they are? Thank you so much Facebook for being careful, it's the right thing to do. Sometimes you have to be careful.

    I mean gosh, the wording I would have preferred didn't even make the cut! I believe that many people who haven't really had that much contact with people who identify outside the gender norms are really confused about this, and sometimes I have trouble explaining what it's like to my family. I also want people who look at my profile to understand who they are adding in a clear way, and I can't always be sure people understand every single term. All of these options, and being able to pick multiple options, allow me to try to make it clear what exactly it is that I am.

    I really feel like even if it was just giving people the option to pick minor aesthetic differences, that would be okay. The extra options are still manageable, not numerous to the point of being intimidating as it's still easy to select as you type and find the few things you are looking for. Any confusion this could give a person would be shared if all the terms were squashed together, and is just basic confusion for terms in general. Anyone with any experience terms like these knows exactly what each are. I really don't see any problem at all here. This seems to be amazingly and overwhelmingly positive. The amount of options literally hurts no one.

    So come on, just let this be a good thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    What's cisgender and what is the difference between cis woman and cisgender woman?
    Cisgendered people are the opposite of transgendered people, they identify with the gender they were identified as at birth. Otherwise I feel like the rest of the question I sort of mentioned in the rest of my post about giving people options and allowing them to specify the way they choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz View Post
    So come on, just let this be a good thing.
    The thing is a good thing and something much more easily achieved is make it so you can write w/e you want in gender it would be simpler all inclusive.

    I feed this is just being done because of the amount of "social media justice" we are seeing out of sites like tumblr. Its being pushed by the whole check your privilege crowd.

    In short, is doing an ok thing for the wrong reasons the right thing to do ? if the reasons behind it are flawed.
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    So much overkill, but I'm sure the PC nannys had to step in some time.

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    I'm not even familiar with a lot of these terms, but look at it this way. Facebook has 159 million users, some of whom describe themselves differently from the mainstream population. For the majority, these changes don't make any difference in their Facebook accounts, so no harm is done. But for the ones it does impact, it means greater acceptance and a world of difference to them. Nothing wrong with that.
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