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Thread: Baby bottle for the AB

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    Default Baby bottle for the AB

    Hi, I know there have been posts in the past about this topic in regards to modifiying baby bottles for use by an adult, but I was wondering if there are any baby bottles available from any "Big Box Stores" that would work for an adult? Just ready to purchase my first bottle, and would like something that does not need to be modified, if I can help it. From what I understand, the vent hole in a baby bottle is too small to work for an adult, so the flow of liquid is too slow?


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    I use normal baby bottles they tend to work fine for me.

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    Newborn teats tend to have one smaller hole but faster flow teats are available for older babies. I'd just make the hole bigger, add holes, or cut a teeny tiny cross in the top if baby wants a faster flow. You can probably buy a bottle that comes with a fast flow teat.

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    I have standard size bottles and use nail clippers to make the hole bigger, then you don't have to pop your ears sucking so hard

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    OK, thanks for the advice. I just bought a "three pack" and will try it out with no mods first, then will modify as noted if need be! This way I have backups in case I destroy the first one with my mods! Getting thirsty.

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    I got my bottles from Baby-Pants and enjoy them very much. I also have normal baby bottles too. Both work very well.

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    I've one bottle with wide teat size 3 of Suavinex and it works very good.

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    I have the vent air bottles which work great, they are super comfortable and are available in most stores, easy to clean too. Anti-Colic Bottles for Baby, Newborn Baby Bottles | VentAire®

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    I don't use a bottle but have a toddler "Cars"-themed sippy cup from the grocery store--no problems here.

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    I use the classic type Avent bottles with a 6m+ nipple. It works pretty well. Buy the Feeding bottle SCF683/27 Feeding bottle Buy the Nipple SCF634/27 Nipple The reviews say the bottle leaks but it hasn't leaked for me.

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