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    Hi everyone!

    my name is mike I was a bed wetter until age 15 stopped using diapers but still had the urge for them. a few years after i stopped wetting I had a bad accident at work a 5 ton steel beam fell on my legs I ended up loosing my left leg below the knee. my right leg has some problem but I'M able to walk. when i was in the hospital the nurse went to change my fully catheter she got side tracked by another nurse and did not deflate the ball that holds the catheter in place and when she went to yanked it out she caused major damage to my bladder causing me to lose some control. because of scaring I can no longer use internal catheters. tried condom catheter but I had a bad allergic reaction to the material. a year later they done back surgery and damaged the nerve that controls the mussels to the bladder so now I have no control now i don't have a choice but to use diapers 24/7. anyway would like to talk with others. I love to hunt fish and camp. thanks for letting me become apart of your group.

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    Hey Mike!

    Welcome to the group! I joined the other day. Sorry to hear about your accident and your past experience. I hope things are getting better for you! Thanks for joining!

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