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  • I am sissy and this would be a dream come true

    4 3.48%
  • I am a little girl and this would be a dream come true

    1 0.87%
  • I am a little boy and this would be a dream come true

    19 16.52%
  • I am a man but would do this for survival

    7 6.09%
  • I am a woman but would do this for survival

    0 0%
  • I am sissy but would only do this for survival

    2 1.74%
  • I am a little girl but would only do this for survival

    6 5.22%
  • I am a little boy but would only do this for survival

    9 7.83%
  • I am a man and wouldn't do this for anything

    43 37.39%
  • I am a woman and wouldn't do this for anything

    4 3.48%
  • I am sissy but and wouldn't do this for anything

    2 1.74%
  • I am a little girl but and wouldn't do this for anything

    2 1.74%
  • I am a little boy but and wouldn't do this for anything

    16 13.91%
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Thread: If you were broke with no options would you become someones permanant baby?

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    Question If you were broke with no options would you become someones permanant baby?

    Hi peeps,

    So this is a question I hope none of us adults truly EVER have to face but.....

    I am wondering if you got to a point in your life where you were broke, jobless, couldn't rely on your support network and were about to face homelessness, having no possessions and lots of uncertainty about your next meals and you were approached by a man offering to keep you fed, clothed, nicely sheltered etc would you accept (all of) the following terms:

    • While at home be his baby/toddler 24/7 365 days a year (Negotiable Feb 29 off) which would include how your hair looked (including body hair), being bathed, being fed, what you are fed, what you are allowed to wear, what you are allowed to watch and who you are allowed to see
    • Diapered 24/7 365 days a year and only changed by him (even when out)
    • Accept while at home even if there are visitors (friends or family) you remain his baby/toddler
    • Accept if you are staying at a hotel or family or friends homes the rules apply as if you were home
    • Be submissive while out and about (not obviously babied/humiliation)
    • Be sexually submissive to him
    • Accept if you rebel you are out on the street with only the clothes on your back that you came with

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    This is a tough situation, but my pride prevents me from allowing some stranger to control EVERY aspect of my life. This sounds all well and dandy, but it wouldn't be my life to live anymore if I had to obey every whim of this gentleman, especially when I don't know what he looks like or how his personality is. It could quickly become a sick game to this guy and that doesn't sound appealing to me at all.

    I'm also biased because I'm not into full regression. I would like to try it sometime, but the thought of losing all control all day every day scares the living hell out of me. I'm resourceful and resilient enough to wade through a rough patch and figure things out on my own without giving up my freedom or, more importantly, my identity. Having someone try to tell me how to live my life is thoroughly off putting and not worth the trade-off of being cared for by someone who could possibly be mentally deranged and/or psychopathic.

    Plus my body's also in a healthy state so I could fend for myself for quite some time. If I was sick, near dying and unable to fend for myself, I may agree to this. But that desperation would obviously be a decision made by a weakened mind, and not my own desires. If that was the case, I'd probably use that guy until I was back to good health and then bounce out. But living my life as a sex slave baby? No. Not appealing at all.

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    No thanks. From what you describe there, I might as well be in prison if it wasn't someone I cared about and who cared for me. If it was a proper relationship there's no way this situation would ever arise.

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    To me, you are describing an offer worse than homelessness. There are too many of my hard limits broken such as sexual submissive, changed only by a man, and bathed by someone else. It would also require me to give up too much control over to another person. Dressing in that manner would also seriously impact my ability to rebuild my life and support network. Just plain too much to ask.

    Negotiating a more reasonable power exchange under those circumstances would not be appealing, but could reach a better deal than being broke and homeless. Diapers 24/7 with permission to change myself most of the time and use the toilet for bowel movements would be nice. In the privacy of the house, clothing does not matter to me as long as it is comfortable assuming friends and family do not see me dressed in attire that could limit future job options. Appropriate food, entertainment, and visitor limits would have to be negotiated with the understanding that they could be renegotiated at any time with me reserving the right to refuse at any time. Time would have to be allowed for adult activities such as job searches, electronic tinkering, computer use, social events, and mature (not baby/toddler) conversations.

    A healthy power exchange improves the life of both involved; abuse is causing harm. Getting labelled as that extreme of an adult baby would classify as permanent damage to a person's reputation and potential future. Additionally, giving up that much control and responsibility grants the care giver the opportunity to keep it permanent. Locking mittens could easily render a person completely dependent upon the other person for all their needs. A gag or sensory depravation hood could eliminate normal speech or the option to scream for help (not to mention potential life threatening airway restriction). Add a stun belt to control behavior and there is completely no hope of escape. Anyone asking for that much control would be free to go far beyond what is consentual; without explicit consent, it is abuse.

    Having said this, I have negotiated a limited exchange of control over to others of both genders for short durations and would not be opposed to longer durations given sufficient trust and mutual consent to negotiated activities. With sufficient money, space, and resources (not currently existing), I would be willing to indulge DLs and ABs in this fantasy for a limited time period without me changing dirty diapers or engaging in sexual activities. Keep it safe, sane, and consentual.

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    Um no I would ratger die in a gutter than do that.

    Besides I have two trump cards to this scenario..... kids and commonwealth. Commonwealth of kentucky forbids a child to be seperated from a parent without obvious abuse or intentional neglect. So I will fall into a welfare saftey net and government provided housing and food. Granted id hate every minute of it. I HATE HANDOUTS. But if ni other choice you gotta do what you gotta do.

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    I wouldn't do this either. Just sounds way to restrictive.
    Almost sounds like slavery.
    At least on the streets I would be free.

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    I wasnt't 24/7/365 (It's so far away from me...) but living in the street isn't so bad... sometimes. I was real homeless about three years (from 2010) Never stoped to enjoy my vicious, included diapers... Is nice to have real ABDL friends. I haven't real home, but now I've one cute VW Transporter T4.

    Play with someone OK, but not very long time periods - I'd be permanently diapered about week or two, but later I've to stop. I'm warrior, not submisive lost existence. I've to fight for my life, I need it, that's how freedom could be preserved in the best way. Need €€€€ too. And need company of females from time to time as it does every male, which hormons working good. And I still have high level of testosteron.

    Argent, you're looking for victim ??? So I'm the worst option.
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    I lived in a bad situation my sophomore year in college. My SO from my freshman year had left me, and an older student swept in. Because I had some emotional problems, BPD, I was easily manipulated. I didn't really care if I lived or died, and so I would drink myself into oblivion. The problem was, I was underage, and had little money, so this guy would provide the parties, the booze, and all these guys made sure I got passing out drunk. I would more or less wake up with them "doing things".

    I'm very glad to have my life, to be able to do the things I want, when I want. They mostly include simple things, but beyond that, I play music, write, read, ride my bike, go for a walk. Though the idea of being treated like a baby and even, humiliated to others may seem enjoyable, those sort of things can be life destroying. I did a good enough job trying to destroy myself when I was young. I don't intend to do it now.

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    If there's no way of being able to say stop! simply, then there's nothing to talk about anymore anyway. Just no, I'd never do this, whatever horrible circumstances I'd be in.

    Despite that I may perhaps like this and that, there will be surely a lot of things which I simply cannot stand. And having no voice, or getting kicked out as a consequence is no acceptable condition, for me - though I think it should be for everyone.

    To be honest, I'd say no anyway, it sounds a bit awkward. Especially if it would be a random stranger... never.

    Perhaps I'm a bit old fashioned, but especially if sex related things are involved, it's something for relationships only. And for fun obviously - not forced literally, for both of course.

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    Wouldn't happen (in that I wouldn't do it, being another meaning could apply as well). Not being a fan of being babied, makes it pretty easy. Could I deal with wearing 24/7? Probably it is just everything else that is no go there =p. Granted I'm pretty flexible in wearing, generally more a mutual thing (lets both go out wearing or lets hang and wear or whatever), so wearing or homelessness, wearing would be fine. Being babied? Not happening. Besides, even if I was a fan of being babied, I probably still would say no.

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