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Thread: Looking to get my first AIO and need help

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    Question Looking to get my first AIO and need help

    Ok well here before long I'll be coming into some money and with that I wanna get my first AIO diaper so I know I always have one to wear whenever I want.But sadly I've no real clue what places actually make AIOs or what places/people actually make quality AIOs.So please any of you that do know of people/places that make good quality ones let me know because I only know of Dependico and some person on ebay and I'm not even sure of the quality of those two places/people so please help me

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    I've loved my aio from angels best. They ship from Colorado and they are very comfortable. I have two and am looking to get a third and maybe fourth. Here is a link to one of the offerings, just to get you to where you can view others .

    Just my two cents with my experience

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    I'm a big Dependeco user. I have ten of them and been using them for over a year. I buy mine only from the site.
    Here's the link all in one adult baby cloth diapers

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    Dependeco on eBay or Babykins.

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    I just got a aio diaper from angels best on ebay and I love how confortable it is, ive not actually used it yet, except for as extra protection over a disposable. Im waiting untill I have at least 2, to use it so that I can rotate.

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    i have had Dependeco AIO and am not overly impressed. They do still get wet on the outside of the diaper So plastic pants are still needed.

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    I got my AIO at and im a 32 also and a medium fits me perfict but if u want to get a prefold as a soaker you can get a large. It has a PUL liner so it is dryer safe and super easy to wash. Hot wash cold rinse All Free and Clear deturgent and dry on a medium setting works wonders and they fluff up after a few washes its call quilting.

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    So I actually wet my aio diaper for the first time todayand it worked good. I did it because I was doing laundry anyway. Ill definitely buy a few more but it seems like theyre gonna be a bit more work then disposables.

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    Thanks for all the help and personal reviews everyone and I think I'll probably get an angels best for my first then make a dependico my second

    So again thanks everyone ^_^

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