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Thread: hewwo my name is babyenergy1 or baby jordan

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    Red face hewwo my name is babyenergy1 or baby jordan

    hewwo im new to this website i have a smiler post to this but i got told to go here so i don't get in trouble but can anyone help me like i want to find the little side of me or my baby side i wear diapers watch wittle kid shows and i sleep wit my Wolfy plush and i suck on a pacifier while sleeping but i want that wittle side of me that i cant find to come out if anyone can help or give any suggestions on how i can get my baby side or little side to show plz help thx

    lub:baby jordan

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    Hello Jordan!

    Welcome to the site! If you are looking for where all (or at least some!) of the ABs hang out, you've come to the right place! So, from what I gather from your introduction, you are looking for ways to enhance or bring out your little side, is that right?

    Tell us a little bit more about what you like to do as far as hobbies and whatnot! Let us know you better! Your introduction helps us get to know you better. That's why the kind folks in the Off-topic forum referred you here. Everyone has to do it once so we know who the members are.

    I'm not sure about everyone else, but could you be mindful of those with lower vision? That font is pretty hard to read for me. Thanks.

    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Well hobbies i love playing games talking with friends and playing outside other than that i go to high school im a freshman i love hanging out with friends when i can im a very anti-social person very shy when i comes to seeing new people and i love my diapers and paci and thats about it anything else

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