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Thread: things to do while little/regressed

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    Default things to do while little/regressed

    I'm curious of what everyone else does to play when they are regressing or what helps them regress. Sometimes I will color or play with my toy cars but sometimes it can be hard to get to that regressed state so I can really use my imagination.

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    Play with some toys. Usually rattles and teethers. Listening to lullabies also helps get me in the baby mindset and crying a little is oddly relaxing.

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    Movies appropriate to one's regressed age and the era one was biologically that age.

    Soft toys, sippy cups, bibs, toddler utensils and so fourth also help me.

    Cuddly blankets and cuddly friends help too.

    A big part of it is simply being relaxed enough to let go of the outer world.

    Out of my head and into my heart. Don't think and live in the now.

    If it is good, eat it or drink it. If it is fun or exciting do it. If it is soft and makes you feel safe, cuddle with it.

    Most of us have to return to the adult world from time to time. When I am in 'baby space' I aim to give it my all.

    The outer world can wait for a bit. I will be stronger and more relaxed as a result from taking a break from it. When I return to adult space I will be better than if I didn't take a break from it.

    Just like exercise is an investment in myself, my 'little time' is also an investment. I am more functional if I get it. Though it could be called escapist, I believe we all need some time out to perform our best. Many successful people do things like golf to relax. AB time is 'my golf'. Probably costs less too and can be done in any weather

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    Empty bottles and containers in the bath. I used to always have a supply of these for bath time as a kid.

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    Cartoons! Cartoons are a big one for me. I mean, I like them whether or not I'm feeling little, but if I am feeling little I've got to have cartoons on.

    I don't really have any toys, but video games suitable for kids are great too, like Pokemon and Yugioh and Minecraft.

    And I cuddle my two dragon stuffies, of course.

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    Well I love to watch cartoons,play with all my stuffed animals,play with my hotwheels,and pet dogs and cat

    But one of my most favorite things to do is watch old movies like Lion King,101 Dalmations,Pokemon movies,ect

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    I don't get a lot of little time but when I do I mostly like cuddling with my baby boy and sucking on my paci or bottle

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    I like to get a big blankey and lay it out on the floor like a play area, and i bring out some plushies and toys, put on a disney movie or cartoons, bring out a couple of diapers with wipes and powder, put on a cute outfit, fill my bottle with milk or juice, clip on my paci, and get a coloring book ~ I turn my living room into a play area and i just crawl around and let loose ~ I don't have a physical/RL daddy or mommy so I kinda take care of myself, i even make myself food and put on a bib and feed myself :P

    i wanna get more toys, because the things that really make me feel little are dolls of any kind whether they are baby dolls or pony dolls or some kind of dolls. I also like foam blocks :3 Snuggling my plushies is also another helper in making me feel little.

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    I need a lot of interactive stimulation. My favorite are the shows such as Dora and Blue's Clues, where the characters ask questions of the viewer and get them involved. Nothing regresses me quicker than that. And tea parties are an absolute must! I can get so invested into imagination games such as tea and house and dolls, that entire afternoons go by in an instant ~

    The most important thing for me is to be certain that I have real life squared away first. No matter how many toys or movies I bring out, I will never be able to get into littlespace if I haven't taken care of my adult responsibilities. So the chores must be done, bills paid, emails written, etc., beforehand. Then letting go and regressing becomes a release of all that...

    The worst part though is tumbling into littlespace unexpectedly! I am usually always little to a real degree, it's just a part of my natural personality, so seeing cute toys at the store will bring out that side without me necessarily wanting to. It was no fun being a biological child and not having the money for the toys I wanted, but being a BIG child with a BIG credit card is almost worse.

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    My stuffed animals is a far easier way for me to feel little than anything else right now. Throw in a paci and a cartoon, anything but the stereotypical "barny and power rangers" which I have hated since I was a kid. MLP is nice. ^^ But most cartoons will work. Scooby doo is nice sometimes. I am not a spongebob person myself, but don't dislike it either. I can't think of my favorites right now. some movies are nice. If possible the only reason the paci leaves my mouth is to tell my stuffed animals they are loved, or tell them a story, or to take a drink from a bottle/sippy cup.

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