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Thread: Custom Pajamas Cost

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    Default Custom Pajamas Cost


    I used to buy custom pajamas from a place called warmth wear, years ago...they would run $80-100...

    Now, they are no more!

    So, I've had to make my own...

    Off the shelf pjs don't fit me well...

    I also can't stand front zippers...they dig into my chin even with a tab over it...

    So, I remember they weren't cheap, but last for years, and fit very nice as they should.

    I may start making them for sale...I have made many privately for awhile now...have all the gear for everything even small embroidery...

    And comming up...I need something to keep me busy...

    Custom sized, custom
    Material type/pattern.
    Foot size and sole type.
    Neck size and style (elastic/ribbing/v).
    Arm length.
    Leg length.
    Torso length and width.
    Bit extra for thick diapers.
    Front or back zip.
    And add ons...
    Locking zipper.
    Zipper tab.
    Toe caps.
    Matching bonnet.

    These would be one off custom made for you...and made of best materials available (within reason of course).

    So, what's everyone's thoughts?

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    I think anything custom is a huge selling point, but especially for this demographic

    sounds like a good idea to me!

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    I think it sounds wonderful. Any chance we could get a photo of your past work?

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    I'll be on a pc again tomorrow...

    Posting photos from an iPad isn't very fun

    Anyhow,I've got some photos of them...but no model...that may take a couple days.

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    I've got a couple photos just pjs lying around...

    But, this weekend I'll snap a few pics...

    My current pj's are all back zip except one pair that are serious baby design...

    But they all have locking zippers with key...just in case...can't be too safe...

    My favorite pair are made of cuddle fleece, and have sewn on mittens with drawstring ties on the inside, put mittens on first ... And locking back zipper...They are pert near 100% escape proof without ripping or cutting stuff...and it's surprising how tough fleece really is...haven't ripped anything...

    I'll take some pics this gf can help then too...

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    I was just looking at pajamas and could not find the right style and cloth. Custom made ones meeting my body shape and design requirements would be awesome.

    What neck styles can you do (half or full turtle)? Can you put the zipper between the legs so it goes on like a shirt?

    What price per pair are you figuring? You can count on me for at least 1 pair if the price is reasonable (PM to negotiate).

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    I don't think you could go wrong by doing custom footed pjs. Sizing and custom features could be beneficial.

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    Answer a few questions...

    My gf and I are going to figure out a bunch of things out this weekend after vday stuff...

    Jeremiah pm me with details, I'll see what we can do...

    As for other specifics please pm me, not sure of the rules on selling here and don't want to break them...

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