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Thread: Finding comfort from wearing!

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    Default Finding comfort from wearing!

    Just curious how many wear diapers for comfort or as a way to combat stress? I wear a lot lately since I have finally accepted my diaper wearing!! Do you find that diapers bring an inner peace like I do?

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    Yes I do. Finally I don't have to hide every accident. That has brought more inner peace than I could ever have asked for.

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    Yes to both of your question. But I also have OAB and it becomes so frustrating to get. Workout in without running to the restroom several times, not to mention the little drips I have after. But I love my diapers for comfort, stress and I'm a 24/7 wearer

    Quote Originally Posted by Iamjust2 View Post
    Yes I do. Finally I don't have to hide every accident. That has brought more inner
    peace than I could ever have asked for.

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    I only wear for comfort, and my desire to wear shoots through the roof as my stress level gets high. I definitely do wind down more easily when diapered I think it's the fact that it gets my mind off what is stressing me out.

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    I just wear to wear like when i'm in the mood I'll just put on a diaper and I will feel comfort I feel like this is how I am I'm learning to accept the fact that I enjoy wearing diapers but I also have a life outside diapers like my whole life doesn't revolve around diapers because I don't wear all the time like I said

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    When I'm stressed out I often find myself wanting to wear diapers. I'll wear them to sleep, even if I don't end up using them. And I'll admit that as a student, you get stressed VERY frequently. You could say that they are a sort of stress-relief in a sense.

    As a DL, I don't really get the feeling of regressing to a younger, carefree era. It is more of a feeling of just the comfort and security that I get.

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    I personally think it a great way to get in home therapy when I am under stress actually. Don't get me wrong I really do like to wear to but hey might as well make it healthier for me right?

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    about 1 in a 1000[thats alot of people]

    I been a diaper wear'er for most of my life with being a kid and bed wetting every night until i was 10 then that earge hit around 12-13.

    I wear them around 80% of the time and loving every moment of it. Im alot more calm,relaxed and generally happy from diaper wearing plus the fact that I dont need to wait to use the toliet all the time.

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    OH Yea! As I've recently posted my co-workers have complained I'm "grumpy" recently. They don't know it but it is because I'm trying to limit my diapered nights to just weekends and I miss their stress reliving powers!

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