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Thread: IS it possible to get a rash without "using" your diaper?

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    Default IS it possible to get a rash without "using" your diaper?

    I always thought I was pretty immune to diaper rash since I hardly ever actually use my diapers for their intended purpose, but I do wear almost 24/7 and it seems that something is irritating my skin, and diaper rash would be my immediate guess as to what is causing the irritation, but people always talk about getting a rash after being in a wet or soiled diaper for long periods of time (which isn't the case for me). So, is this even possible, can you get a rash from just sweat? The air is very dry and cold here, being the coldest month of winter, could this have something to do with it?

    I should also point out that I wear cloth diapers exclusively.

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    You can absolutely get a rash from just sweat. You can also get fungal infections (e.g. jock itch, ringworm) and other nasties. Moist skin is all that's required.

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    Dont let it get bad it will be hard to get rid of if the skin starts turning red in patches. After that the skin starts to break open. If it is bad use a anti-fungal cream for athletes foot it is cheap at walmart. This will kill the diaper rash in a couple of days. Good luck keeping it under control

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    Yes it is possible. I have always had a problem with sweat rashes. The only thing that I have ever found and made it go away, not just arrest it for a while is "Goldbond". It will sting like the dickens the first time, but the Zinc Oxide in it will dry up the site and also inhibited the growth of fungal infections that will form after the sweat rash starts to clear up.

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    I've gotten rashes before from being really active, sweating, and having my underwear too close to my skin for a long time. Oddly, I found that a good solution is often just to clean off in the shower, then give the area time to air out. This can be done by just going to bed without wearing any sort of pants (or by walking around bottomless, if you don't mind a few arrest warrants). Basically, just clean the affected area, and let it air out a bit. If you've been sweating all day, you can also do this as a preventive measure.

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    I got diaper rash just by wearing pull-ups while potty training as a kid.

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    Aside from the fact i've gotten diaper rashes from really cheap diapers, I used to work in a drywall plant decades past, I worked in the mill building where the temps on the upper floors (9 stories high) were sauna hot (140~150 degrees), one didn't spend much time up there on hot summer days (160~170F), it is actually the only place i've been where one wore heavy winter clothing to protect from the heat (buys an extra 20 minutes or so at a time). about once an hour in a 12 hour shift, I'd go up to do visual inspections and collect samples, it usually takes 20 minutes unless something goes wrong, then i'm up there for 45 minutes at a time (heat stroke is a real concern, even with outdoor temps at -20F, though one usually finds the 90F temps a lot more bearable.
    I used to get a heat/sweat rash inside my thighs alot working there, sometimes, by the end of the shift, it would become unbearable (walking 10~15 miles a day in that heat, then the necessary cooldown) I think I remember drinking 2 gallons of water/gatorade a day working there

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    Short answer: Y
    Medium answer: Yes
    Long answer: When skin is left wet/damp you can always get a rash if conditions are correct...also you can get a heat rash from diapers...especially if you have some plastic backing directly on the skin...

    Diaper rash is inevitable if you wear diapers...

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