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    Angry The Struggle

    I just need to let loose a bit.

    I am sitting here alone in my computer room while my wife is sleeping. I say this not to imply a problem or anything just to paint a picture.

    I have been streaming video game plays of various games and I am taking a break to collect my thoughts and upload saved footage to my YouTube channel.

    I have TWO main channels on Youtube. One is BabyMitchy which is about a variety of things. I want BabyMitchy to be about adult babies, diaper lovers and video games and singing and parodies and comedies.

    My other channel, VGCODEMASTER is JUST video games.

    So here is the issue. I have been streaming, live video game feeds with my face on camera. Ready to talk to ANYONE that wants to create a TWITCH account and follow me and chat.

    Only one person has been there. (A returning customer from a while back in fact... a bit of an obnoxious fellow but loyal nonetheless which is more important to me.) I am open to the world. I share everything and hide nothing.

    I reach deep into myself and share my soul to you. DO I CRAVE ATTENTION?


    I consider myself to be an attention (bad word). BUT BUT BUT.....

    I want the attention for a GOOD REASON. I want my name to mean something. I want my name to have draw, power.

    Power for myself?


    I want to USE that power for good. I want to make a BIG change in this world...

    And here I am... a guy that logs on doing a live video stream....


    I am not overly prone to depression, but I am sad. People think because I have made (pretty cool videos imo) that I get all kinds of messages and stuff going on..... I don't.

    I am often left questioning myself, my cause. My reasons.

    My name is Mitchell Leigh Shelton. I am BabyMitchy. I wear diapers (sometimes) and on the inside...


    I am little on the inside.

    So yeah, let's talk diapers a bit too!!!!!
    I recently recieved and filmed my first ever diaper other than a depends or goodnights....

    An ABENA M4.....

    MY GOD......

    I am saving my video footage for a later DVD I am working on (Nothing X rated but AB/DL Themed.)

    Those things..... WOW... I mean... WOW!!!!

    It's like NIGHT and DAY!!!

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    Hey Mitch, you know you're either really cool or really... Well you know what I'm saying. Actually I think you are amazingly brave, you do go where few of us would even dream of going.

    So it's not so surprising then that people watch quietly and privately...that makes the information highway, one way, which I guess looks and feels lonely. Rest assured that your message is getting out. I only wish I had more confidence to be myself openly.

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    Ozbub.... I am close to giving up. Cindy Clemmer. Please help me. I love you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    Ozbub.... I am close to giving up. Cindy Clemmer. Please help me. I love you.
    Don't give up! Give me the links to your pages and I'll advertise them on my tumblr :3 I have 600 Followers so someone is bound to like video games and ABDL advice videos! Most of the people who follow me are all about video games anyway lol.

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    This is gonna be blunt, but hopefully helpful..

    I don't know how many video game review/playthrough/commentary type channels there are on youtube, but I'm going to guess somewhere around 20 billion. It's pretty much the first go-to of anyone that wants to make a name for themselves on youtube.

    If you take a marketing approach to this, what you should ask is, what would someone search for to find your videos (excluding things like your name or specific titles of videos). Now plug those terms into the search bar... that's your competition.

    The internet is awesome because it creates a level playing field and enables anyone to put themself out there and talk about whatever they want. It doesn't however guarantee anyone will listen, or even know you are doing it.

    If you could find some universal way to become a youtube success, you'd probably be rich. In my view though the main routes are:

    1) Random luck: Some people are just plain lucky. They post a video of themselves eating 14 cough drops at once and get a million hits.

    2) Do something really well and build a following: A huge established base of people who watch your videos specifically will draw in random outsiders. For this to work, you can't just merely be "ok" or "as good". In your specific case, you are competing against a huge chunk of the internet.

    3) Be a person of note / already have a huge following: if Bruce Schneier posted a Fallout play-though, it would get a tonne of hits regardless of quality and the fact that he has nothing to do with gaming. Why? Because he's a legendary cryptographer with a huge crowd of people who hang on his every word.

    4) Be the first to do it: Good example is the mentos and coke thing. Obviously posting a video of this won't get you anything now, but the first person to post that video got a lot of attention.

    5) Produce actual, mostly original content: yes, technically all content is original content unless its a literal copy, but I'm talking about stuff like charlie the unicorn, powerthirst, and rainbow dash presents.

    The positive thing I would add, is that fame isn't everything. Are you having fun doing it? If so, who cares if it's result #2469 in a youtube search.
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    Well I can help if you want. I have no clue what I can do but I can possibly help you with stuff even the little things can mean a lot and I am particularly useful in that regard. just contact me with a PM or some other means available to you and ask me what I could do for you!

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    I have to agree with "BoundCoder" on most aspects he has mentioned but would like to add the following:

    Motives & Motivation - in all but most endeavors at one point it will come down to "motives and your motivation".
    Look at this like a retrospective question - question yourself, KNOW your motives, KNOW WHY you want to do what you do, KNOW why you CRAVE for attention, know what kind of attention you would like to get. etc.

    This basically links with your "goals". What is it exactly you want to achieve. WHY do you want your name to "mean something"? What do you want your name to stand for? what is it you'd like to change? etc...

    By defining those aspects for yourself clearly you will have a better picture of where you actually stand in relation to set goals and what you still need to achieve.

    The next aspect is RESEARCH:
    Basically find out what has already been done by others with similar goals... Try to figure out What has NOT YET been done - this often is crucial in any venture, in as much as it gives you a unique vantage point / "sales perspective"...

    Then comes: define your target audience... KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE / Your Market etc... find out as much as possible about the specific group of people you are catering your stuff to - improve your stuff to make it highly appealing to that group.

    If you're really serious: venture outside of the youtube-box... see what other options there are to get your name around the block... be careful though, for example talk shows are usually not scripted in a fashion to make you look good... often quite to the contrary... but there are other options... youtube, as nice as it is, is a VERY crowded place and you can not be "proactive" - basically you need people to stumble across you... And the last part is exactly where you have to find a "work around" - find other means to spread the word, spread your name and eventually you can get all the attention you want.

    I've watched a few of your videos out of plain curiosity - now consider this: I am definitely not your typical target audience.... as I don't care for any kind of video game nor do I consider myself an AB at ANY level.
    You have an easy way with the camera, you seem to be comfortable doing it and that's a huge plus... also you don't dress up like everybody's favorite freak show if you get the drift: if someone would switch off the sound, it'd be just another guy talking about whatever in a maybe slightly "childish / geekish" room-set-up (but that on it's own doesn't spark any interest I guess).
    That is something which is rather rare - you don't brandish diapers, dress up "weirdly" etc... so your stuff is watchable by the average guy...
    And that is where I see one of your presenting strengths.
    The problem is, that on its own, will not create a following... and you know why?
    It's actually quite simple in my opinion: you've got your target audiences rather mixed up...
    I think it's difficult to see who's your typical viewer - is it your fellow AB or is it people who somehow stumbled across the topic and want more info?
    For the first, I guess there's not too much "new" stuff.. .at least not for those who're not entirely in the closet and in full denial.
    For the later, it's a good bit too much info in terms of length / content...
    Just think about how much filming material goes into a feature length film... for those 90-100 minutes of final movie time, usually there's weeks worth of film... cutting film is difficult.
    What I'd say is you need to work on your scripting - try to get your message over in less time. just as one input.
    you'll also need to make sure your cater your content to a matching audience.

    good luck.

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    You gave me the strength to be here. I watch every video of yours I can find. I even think I get your humor. I too like TMNT, as I have the same name as the cool reporter chick, & Mario & Yoshi. Please, don't give up, big brother. when is the next chapter of Fantastic Mitch coming out? Make it a movie! I gotcha, big bro, I gotcha.

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    Mitch, read James Atcher's "Choose Yourself". It's all about promoting oneself and creating a market. You can buy it on Amazon. It was recommended to me by a dear friend who is a Fellow to the Kennedy Center. He lectures all over the U.S. and the world. I'm close to launching my first novel, so I wanted some advise, and that was his. You should read this book before you give up.

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