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Thread: Ordering items from the UK

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    Default Ordering items from the UK

    So, I live in Texas, but found this perfect NUK pacifier only available in the UK. Does anyone know a way to get them to ship it here?

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    Did you email them and ask if they would ship to USA? When I used to sell on eBay I would put Canada, America and England but would ship to other countries like France or Germany if requested. Really I was just trying to avoid countries with less than reliable post services or overly slow service.

    Many USA sellers that put their country only shippiped to me when requested.

    For those that won't ship globally, there are freight forwarding services but expect to pay huge money for it.

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    They may ship to the US.
    It says nothing about shipping out of country?
    Tho shipping will be a bit more than what they got listed if they do.
    As pb8615 said, try to contact them to ask.

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    Another point - the Shipping & Handling is going to be expensive sometimes more than the cost of item.
    But in any case do not opt for cheap shipping without tracking - you could get ripped off and there is nothing you can do about it except complain.
    And like a lot things - try and make sure your name is not sold to every third party sex service unless you really want to do this.
    So it is best to deal with an established seller (ebay for one source - check the sellers feedback). Stay away from Eastern block countries.
    Use a credit card if possible but be aware of currency conversion fees etc. - Euros and Pounds !
    Sometimes a fantasy is best left to your own intervention making your own torture pleasure devices !

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    Yes, contact them...they will most likely ship it...

    Usually postal is cheapest...and if from EU is fairly reliable...

    Also, look locally too...if you post a pic or description someone might know of a us vendor that may work...

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    Go to Amazon and look there. Amazon has some amazingly good deals.

    I found mine for about $25 with shipping+handling

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