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    The man's wife, writing anonymously, described her husband's ordeal on the forum CafeMom.

    She writes that her husband, after waiting for a lengthy time in the security line at an unnamed airport, had had a 'bladder spasm' and had wet the incontinence pad.

    When he went through security, he was asked if he was carrying any liquids in his clothing.

    He explained his condition to the female TSA officer, who called over her male boss and tried to explain the situation to him.

    'The problem was he did not understand what an "incontinence product" was when she told him,' writes the man's wife.

    'Myself, [my husband], and the female TSA employee tried explaining a few times before the woman finally just shouted "HE IS WEARING A DIAPER" which caused pretty much everyone to turn and stare at us.'

    Then, she adds, the TSA officer 'snickered.'

    To add to the couple's humiliation, the TSA agents told them their scanner was unable to detect what was beneath the man's clothing and forced him to take off the diaper so that they could inspect the 'suspicious padding,' writes the man's wife.

    The officers needed to conduct a 'further review' of the man's diaper, and took him into a room with four TSA agents who subjected him to another pat-down before making him change into a fresh adult diaper and hand over the soiled one.

    The couple were finally cleared to leave, but the frustration and humiliation the ordeal caused made the woman's husband cry, a very uncommon occurrence, she says.

    'Frustrating that people have to go through this in the name of security. We have neither security nor freedom now, just lots of embarrassing and frustrating stories,' she wrote.
    TSA agents humiliate cancer victim wearing adult diaper at security checkpoint | Mail Online

    Watch out if you're Incontinent and have to fly anywhere in the US. Apparently they're out to get you. I'm so angry at this, it's disgusting the way the TSA treated this man. That whole organization needs to go, along with the NSA, and the awful blight that is every security agency created since 9/11. I certainly don't feel protected by the bastards.

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    I'm sorry in advance, I don't know how to delete this thread and I didn't see where the other one had already been posted. My apologies,

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    It doesn't sound like the TSA agents were very intelligent. When some nitwit is snickering over a disability, he's showing the world how stupid he really is. Once again our government hires the very best!

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