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    Default new to diapers

    I've been curious about wearing them for awhile and I don't know where to start.
    I'm 5'7 130ish pounds, anyone know what size or brand I need?

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    I'm right abound your size and like me you are right in between most small and medium diapers. Most small diapers are a little on the small side for me and most mediums are a little on the big side. While I can fit into most smalls I find that they ride too low for my liking along with the fact that most small diapers are far less absorbent than their medium counter parts. For small diapers my favorites are no longer available. Bambino size small and Abri Form Xplus, also known as S4 (plastic backed) by far were my favorites. You can still find Molicare super plus size small which also have a nice fit. I would shy away from using small diapers that state that they fit up to 30" or 31" hips and try ones that go up to 34" or some even go up to 36". For mediums look for diapers that start at 28" or 30" for the low end. Many of the medium diapers that start at 32" or 34" and just don't fit me right. Bay far the best fitting diaper for me is Unique Wellness, (The new Superio line is fantastic,) You may have to try several different brands to find the ones you like best. I tend to keep a variety of different brands and sizes so I have the right diaper for my mood or situation.

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    I don't like the big obnoxious ones, I like the low cut and kinda tightish one, any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbiljah View Post
    I don't like the big obnoxious ones, I like the low cut and kinda tightish one, any ideas?
    what do you mean by "big obnoxious" ones? And what is your idea of a "tight" one? I'm not trying to be condescending, i just wanna get a better understanding of what you consider "big" or "small".

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    Goodnites are a good place to start, that is if you have a 30 to 32 in waist. They are low cut and tight on me and my waist is 31in and weigh like 140. Plus they are pretty discrete and quiet. You can even double up and wear two like I do If you want extra padding, and it won't make it any less discrete.

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    I'm like a 32-33

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    I just like the lower ones and the are more tighter / discreet, not so baggy. I tried to post a link but I suppose it was to "graphic"? lol

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    well the right diaper depends usually on your waist size I have approx. 32 waist and I'm 140 lbs and 5'8 and I fit perfectly into Goodnites lg xl size which are found in almost any grocery or drug store in the same aisle as baby diapers if not right next to it. I also fit pretty good into pull ups its tight especially down there since I'm a guy but they fit. I wouldn't recommend wetting pull ups though since its not meant for someone older than a toddler to wet it. But Goodnites might be your best bet that you will find in stores because they usually hold one wetting and a messing but I don't really mess my diapers so I wouldn't know

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    I forgot to menton Tena Maxi Slip might be a good option and the come in small. They should be a nice tight fit and ride low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    I forgot to menton Tena Maxi Slip might be a good option and the come in small. They should be a nice tight fit and ride low.
    Those fit me exactly like what the OP described they wanted. I'm 29 inches around the hips (which is as high as the tena's come), and 32 around the widest part I could measure just below my hips. The tenas are the smallest of the small diapers I've tried, and are just on the edge of being too small.

    Molicare smalls would be my second choice. They're like half the cost of tena and a little bit bigger.

    Third choice for fit would be the new absorbancy plus diaper from XP. It seems to run a bit smaller than most mediums.

    My advice to the OP would be to order some samples from xpmedical and see which ones fit the best.

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