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Thread: footie pajamas around family/friends?

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    Default footie pajamas around family/friends?

    Does anyone wear footie pajamas around friends or family I have always wanted to like if I spend the night over my cousin/friends house because they are just so comfy I live with my grandmother and she doesn't really care about what I do but neither of them know about my ab side so only time I where is in my room.

    So would it be wrong of me to where them out of my room without diapers of course they arnt babish at all one has cristmass trees and riendeer on them and the other is a cartoon character with a hood same one as the one in my avatar.

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    I don't see anything wrong in it. I've done it for years and everyone knows of my love for them. They do seem to have crossed over into the mainstream though here in the UK

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    I had a kigurumi I used to wear all the time when I lived at home. It is basically a giant kiddy animal pajama ~ Like Matty said, they've just about gone mainstream everywhere. I see them for sale at Target and Spencer's all the time. Family might think it's a bit silly and tease you at first, but I don't think any harm would come of it.

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    Lots of people wear them here in the uk at all different times. There are even people walking the streets in them as we seem to have ones that are now designed to be more like jogging suits than sleep suits. They are still the same footed onesies, just normally with go faster stripes!

    Also wanted to add that they are not associated with adult babies or anything of the sort here. They are just a 'fashion' trend and apparently a really comfy clothing choice. I've yet to try it out for myself.
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    when I lived with roommates I would wear my footy pajamas around them and other friends who stopped by. I only ever got a positive response out of 20+ people who have seen me wearing them. I have not shown my family my footy pajamas and they are quite in the dark about my little side. I feel they would be more critical and less accepting than my friends. my pajamas have: outer space, puppy dog, and snowflake patterns. while fairly childish they are not overly babyish.

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    If I am not mistaken they are coming back in style here in MO USA for women and with any luck they will start selling them for men too. I would not worry about it. I use to wear them all the time when I was a Teenager. That was before I even got into My little pony. Oh and when you do wear them at your friends house you should make the statement that you wish every body was joyful year around. Then again that is just me. I am corny like that.

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    I actually bought 3 pair of footie pajamas, 2 back a few months ago and then I couldn't resist buying another at half price on clearance just a few weeks ago. I got mine at Target, one zebra print, one leopard print, and one called starry night which is blue with white stars all over. I will have to put them away soon, only because the Arizona desert heat will be coming. But I sure enjoy them now while it is still cool.

    I've worn them in front of my parents, sister and her husband. My parents were a little surprised at first as it was out of character for me but immediately warmed to the idea. My sister and brother-in-law were caught a little off guard when they first saw them but said nothing. My family knows I'm a little different than most but they are fairly liberal thinkers. They also know about my plushies, which I sleep with, but I do keep the rest of the AB items hidden. They just think I'm eccentric and as far as I know, have no inkling of me being an AB.

    Well, Wiatt, without knowing your family, it's hard for me to say to go ahead. If they are ultra conservative, you might get some backlash, but hopefully they are like mine and are open to new ideas. As for your friends seeing you in them. I say, if they are real friends, they won't care. A mean friend isn't really a friend anyway.
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    Thanks for all the responses! I think I'll try wearing them around my house first but I don't think my cousin would care but he would probably tease me at first but I don't care.

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    Most people, in my experience, consider them a practical way to stay warm in cold weather and not necessarily an AB thing at all. When I got mine, I tried them on and showed them to my mom. Not only did she not think of AB stuff, but she even said she wanted a pair like them. I even once mentioned to a coworker that I had them and he didn't think it was weird.

    That said, I'm a woman, though, and I've noticed that women can get away with a lot of "babyish" stuff that men don't seem able to. (Gender biases suck!)

    But if I saw a male member of my family wearing them, I wouldn't think it weird, so...I think you'd be safe.

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    I would ask my mom to get me footie pj's for the past 2 Christmases and I gave her reasoning that my room gets cold and such (this was before She find out about my AB side). So she got me an Air Force themed footie and a puppy paw print one. My friends also know about them and said I should were them in my YouTube Channel BedroomGamer64. They know I'm into odd things though. My friends have no idea of my AB side and they just know it's just a thing I like to wear and they accept me for that. You shouldn't worry about it, footies don't scream your an AB, unless of coarse they are baby print

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