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Thread: Hope for those searching for a realtionship

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    Default Hope for those searching for a realtionship

    This weekend I have had the most fabulous time of my life and I want to share my experience as a sign of hope for those of us searching for another person to share their life with.

    I want to give a little background that will put some of this passage into perspective. I broke my leg at the start of December and it has been a terrible time for me. The break was severe and I have had to have several operations and have been off work since it happened. As I had nothing to fill my time as I was stuck in the house I decided to use the internet to try and find comfort and friendship. I have been in nappies for most of my life and found this site and have been active since I became a member after the leg break.

    I have made many friends here and found out some things about myself that I had not really thought of before. I have also helped a few others with their own problems and hope to continue to do this in the future. I have found a place to express myself and have also found myself engaged in some very interesting and varied discussions. I not only joined this site, but have logged onto another site that allows you to seek romantic encounters with others into your same fetishes and kinks. I never thought for one moment that anything would come of this but three weeks ago I messaged a lady on the site that was the same age as me and appeared, from her profile at least, to share common interests. We had a lot in common, not just sexual preferences, but we share a love of coffee and animals, and enjoy proper films (not the usual Hollywood action fest).

    I was surprised to receive a message back a day or so later and this started a steady stream of conversation. We had hardly touched any topics about sex it was all about our lives and what we did with our spare time, what our cats names are and nicknames we had. I was enjoying these discussions and was taken by surprise again when the young lady asked to swap phone numbers. We began to chat on the phone, sometimes for a couple of hours at a time. We discussed politics and how much technology has moved on and other topical events. We eventually built up the courage to start telling each other our deepest fantasies and it became apparent very quickly that we fit each others preferences very well.

    After a couple of days of talking and sending text messages we both agreed that we should meet up as soon as possible. It was easier for me to travel as I am not currently working and do not have to arrange anything. I bought a coach ticket and set on my journey last Friday. I was so nervous all the way but kept myself calm until I arrived.

    I was so relieved that the girl was waiting for me at the coach station and that she looked like her pictures (very pretty of course!). We clicked almost instantly and after having a quick coffee we went back to her house. We talked for ages and we were like peas in a pod right from the off. It was like a dream, a fantasy I had always wanted to realise but it was finally real and happening. I will spare everyone the details but for once in my life I was able to be myself completely and could express myself without fear of rejection. I have had chances in the past to use nappies in sex but this was so much better then anything I have ever been able to do. I am so happy at this moment and cannot wait to go back to visit this wonderful girl again. She told me she was also the happiest she had been in ages and wanted to make a go of it with me.

    I have a chance of real happiness, something I could not see a few months ago. It appears that breaking my leg could be the best thing that ever happened to me and I know that I would never had looked at any of these sites under normal circumstances. I wanted to share this to help others who feel lonely because of their fetishes and cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang on in there, be yourself, put the effort in to find that special person and be honest from the start.

    I know many people here struggle to come to terms with their lack of a partner, it can be daunting to visit all the different sites or go to munches and events. But it does work, and my example is testament to this. I think the first thing I realised is to relax, it is to easy to jump in and start telling everyone about what you want to do with nappies or being a baby etc. but this puts people off. You cannot have a relationship that is based on sex and you have to start by being yourself and talking about what makes you tick, what your favourite colour is, what you like to cook or what books you like to read. This is what I did and it worked, believe in yourself and do not let the fetish be the only thing people see. I learned this early on visiting these sites, people like people not a horny fantasy.

    I hope this thread gives the hope it is meant to and that my experience can give strength to others searching for someone.

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    Thank you for this! This is such a WONDERFUL post! It makes me feel so good when i see others realizing their dreams! It IS possible and the resources are out there, we just have to grab it when it becomes available and jump through the razor sharp hoops that are our fears and doubts because at the end of the day the world isn't the way the media makes it seem! Its a wonderful place with plenty of wonderful people who are just as hesitant and afraid of taking risks as everyone else! I'm so happy that you found a person to be open with They are not as rare as we lead ourselves to believe, and often times people are not who they appear on paper or on the surface ~ I have met MANY ABDLs who have never heard of ADISC and at the same time met many kinksters who have never heard of Fetlife.

    Spread the hope!

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    What a great story, Dexx. I'm glad you found someone and I hope it continues to work well for both of you.

    You give great advice also, when starting any sort of relationship. Tell the truth about yourself and don't start out with the "I want to jump your bones" attitude. Also, safety is key to any online relationship, so yes, tell the truth but also be aware of what is being said and only give information that you are comfortable sharing.

    [start attempt at humor]
    One more thing, to others reading this. You don't have to break a leg to find someone special.
    [end attempt at humor]

    Dexx, I hope your leg is healing quickly. I know how it is to have a break. I broke my tibia/fibia in the early 80s after someone turned left in front of my motorcycle and was 6 months in 3 different casts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 11hinzvic View Post

    [start attempt at humor]
    One more thing, to others reading this. You don't have to break a leg to find someone special.
    [end attempt at humor]

    Thank you for your feedback 11, I wish I had put a little humour but decided not to, lesson learned is never forgotten.

    [QUOTE=CrinklyEmilyLG;1155444]...we just have to grab it when it becomes available and jump through the razor sharp hoops that are our fears and doubts...QUOTE]

    So eloquently put Emily, only by shredding its skin can a spider grow.

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    Wow. Amazing post. I'm so glad the chemistry between the two of you was and is real unlike many relationships found in our society. This post has brought hope, especially to someone who has been single his whole life and with the dreaded V-Day just 4 days away (time to hide in my cave). It's all about timing. I don't know if you believe in fate, but it seems this was an encounter of chosen by fate. Thank you for this wonderful share.

    Just by any chance I can ask what was the site you used?

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    Hey Paci, I used Fet Life, we used the messaging system on their to get to know each other. I am very glad you enjoyed the post. I too believe this was fate. We would never had met if I was at work still, was just to busy for such things until I broke my leg.

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    I think meeting people online can be great because it's more like the meeting of two minds than two bodies. You first get to see if you click together emotionally and mentally, and then we hope that we click physically, too. If not, then keep looking. But the most important things to me at least are all about the mind rather than too heavy a focus on appearance (but it's important to some extent to most everyone), so it's easy to see who you'd be compatible with or not when it's all thoughts and talking at very first.

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    My son met his fiance on line, using a dating service. They are so insinc with each other, seemingly a match made in heaven.

    I'm happy for you. Who knew what a severely broken leg would bring?

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    This is wonderful to hear, I'm happy for you <3 I hear so many sad relationship stories around here sometimes.

    It looks like you're really going about this in the right way. So many fetishists are so focused on their kink they don't put much thought into whether their partner is a good match outside the bedroom.

    I hope everything continues to go well, and I wish your leg a speedy recovery!

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    Pure awesomeness! Your story is perhaps an encouragement to many who wonder about the same things you did before your encounter.

    To add to the encouragement: I also met a wonderful girl who is open to my odd fetish with diapers. In fact, she was responsible for encouraging me once she found out (by accident) to actually buy some and wear for her (be forced into them). We have enjoyed the benefits of this kink together since and it has become a refreshing element in teasing. She knows how powerless I am around them!

    To those who think that there is no one who could possibly be open to your odd kinks: Think again. Of course not everyone could get on-board but there is always someone who is looking for the extra-something in a relationship. Perhaps diapers offer the forbidden realm of taboo exploration. It's hard to say from the perspective of someone who has inundated themselves or even subltly submersed themselves into such desires but behind-closed-doors we tend to immerse ourselves into the world of unfamiliarity.

    Just remember that it is a two-way-street. If she picks up on your kink, it may mean that she has one as well to be discovered!

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