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    Wee problem solved by Japanese diaper-duty sensor - Channel NewsAsia

    In a nutshell, a Japanese firm has found a way to mass produce cheap, one-time use wetness indicators. These sensors are very thin and are placed inside a diaper, and will detect any moisture produced. A caregiver who has a 'receiver' will then be notified that the diaper needs changing.

    This might make for some interesting scenarios if adopted into the ABDL world. If you get the chance to experience this, what would you use it for?

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    That's really neat it would make ab care giving different as the sensor would always taddel on you

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    I think its a great idea. I imagine it could be awkward and embarrassing in a good way. Like your wetting and the alarm goes off. Your care taker just looks at you knowingly. It could cause cure reactions. I like it and (price depending) I would totally use them.

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    I can just imagine when I'm at a lawn job or in public a alert going off indicating that I need a change . That would be one of the last things I'd ever want to happen. " Oh excuse me I need to change my diaper" can I use your bathroom ? *Odd look * sure, ok thanks . * turning beat red*

    I can only see this nessary for someone with IC or an ab/dl , including myself had a daddy or mommy nearby to assist you. For me without one nearby and that did go off that would be abit award :/ .

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