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Thread: Cloth Diaper & Standing Leak Guards?

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    Default Cloth Diaper & Standing Leak Guards?

    Can anybody point me in the direction of a cloth washable diaper that features standing leak guards?

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    Cloth diapers don't feature such a thing. Make sure you're tucking the cover in around the legs so the pee doesn't fly out. Also keep in mind cloths are worse when standing than sitting or laying when it comes to leaking.

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    I've never heard of standing leak guards with cloth diapers. To prevent leaks double or triple up the cloth layers.
    Also use plastic pants. For AIO's I use a booster pad with my overnight AIO and no leaks.

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    Assuming you're using plastic pants and have the diaper pinned up properly, it's not going to leak while standing unless you go WAY over capacity.

    Might happen with an AIO or daytime weight diaper. Can't imagine it with a nighttime weight.

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    I'm not concerned about leakage or weather I'm standing or not. "Standing Leak Guards" is a feature found on diapers. For those that don't know it's a elastic pice of material that runs along both sides of the crotch in a diaper. Depends fitted briefs have always had this feature while most Attends do not. Like I said I'm not one bit concerned about leakage, I just would like to know if there is a cloth diaper with that option. Looks like I might need to learn how to sew.

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    Not at this time there are diaper covers with dubble gussets in legs Japanese styles ones when you do a pre fold right it makes a pocket check out you tube under diaper

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    Does the elastic on the edges of the dependeco not count? Or do these "leak guards" have to be closer to the center?

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    To be clear, leak guards are waterproof. There absolutely are cloth diapers (for babies, at least) with double gussets, but that's not the same thing. On disposables, the leak guards contain both pee and poop. On cloth diapers, the inner gusset is all about poop. It's cloth. It can't hold back pee.

    There's nothing to stop you from sewing a diaper where the waterproof shell is folded over into the interior of the diaper and formed into leak guards, but my guess is that this gathered waterproof material would be both uncomfortable against your bottom, and would also wear out rapidly. Do you really want a double wad of PUL in the folds of your crotch? I doubt it.

    By the way, the "standing" in "standing leak guards" has nothing to do with the wearer standing. The leak guards themselves are what is standing -- up from the diaper. Otherwise, one might reasonably wonder why diapers for preemies and newborns include them.
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    On top of that, the leak gards are to channel urine while it's being absorbed by the SAP.
    In a cloth diaper, you don't need that, as urine is instantly absorbed and distributed trough the cloth.

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    I doubt the op wants pul or plastic leak guards on cloth...

    I'm assuming the feel of them is what may be wanted...

    So sewing some elastic/fabric in the appropriate place would be needed...

    I have cloth...but, I usually use disposables more cuz they fit and feel better to me...

    Then again...I could be totally wrong on all accounts...

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