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    I need a vacation! I'm trying to think of a diapered vacation. A cruise ship would be fun. I would never show my diapers in public, specially on a cruise ship full of kids. Perhaps a seniors cruise? I'm afraid if I went alone it would be boring so I have also considered finding a mommy to join me. Kinda pricy but it would be a dream vacation.
    My other alternative is a road trip. I love rural area pharmacies, I always find vintage diapers but have saturated my area. A few days on the road, a few hundred pharmacies & I might find some of my favorite vintage diapers. This would also be lonely and boring. Perhaps if I made an abdl nursery my destination the boring times wont seem so bad.

    Any other ideas of fun diaper vacations?

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    Capcon in Chicago its an ab/dl con comming up in the next few months.
    They have it every year .

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    I'm going to Disney on the 28th for a friends bday :3 i always take diapers and outfits with me ^_^. I took a trip to washington last xmas with friends and took nothing but diapers. And pjs for the night time.

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    Due to frequent trips for shooting competitions, I wear diapers on those long road trips. It's fun when you get to your hotel room, strip, take a hot shower and relax in a new diaper afterwards. Also the one I usually book reservations at has an outdoor firepit that is open till midnight. It's a really nice place to relax while wearing under clothes and listening to music.

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    13 of us went away for a weekend stayed at a premier inn and we had almost a complete floor to are self's we all had family size rooms so no shortage of space for are stuff took 3 bags of baby stuff went to a event from dawn till dusk was diapered all day but doing changing was a challenge as the event was packed we not all ab/dl tho some are cares as such as well as drivers

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    How about booking a hotel or inn at a remote town, and getting some 'me time'. You could go explore that part of the world, while wearing your diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by selv14 View Post
    How about booking a hotel or inn at a remote town, and getting some 'me time'. You could go explore that part of the world, while wearing your diaper.
    Yeah this. I've done it loads, great fun. Even more fun if international as you can wear diaper on flight too!

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