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Thread: Ultimate wardrobe

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    Default Ultimate wardrobe


    What would be your ideal AB wardrobe, money aside?

    I've already got onesies, Footies, diapers, bottles, nuk, and such...

    Maybe want to add some more, wondering what others have/want for an ideal wardrobe?

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    I tend to get my pajamas from a place called privatina they have lots of other AB cloths
    I want to get a short pj for the days that's it's just to hot for feet.
    You can find them here privatina - individual one piece fashion
    Here is the one I want to get

    privatina - individual one piece fashion: adult baby Strampler *trainer light*...

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    Onesies, overalls/shortalls,footie pajamas,all sorts of babyish shirts and shorts. Would be awesome to win like a ab shopping spree!!!

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    Lots of onesies, cute footed pajamas, dozens of cloth nappies, plastic panties, a baby bonnet, frilly pink dresses, mary janes, saddle shoes, pretty tights, poofy socks, overall dresses, bloomers, petticoats... am saving up for a sewing machine, so I can make all my AB clothes someday.

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    TONS of Loli dresses and shortalls! I loved onesies back when I was a mistaken little boy, but now I'm all about cute little dresses. I have an over abundance of different Footed sleepers and Nighties :3 Nighties are super fun to wear with booties and a diaper, just simply adorable.

    Im trying to sell all my Little boy clothes so i can buy new little girl clothes xD

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    A couple dozen short tails , (just got a Winnie the pooh one on ebay ) and I want more .
    Two dozen onesies aswell, half from the other half from babypants all print and with shoulder straps.
    A few adult baby shirts ( also with snaps on the shoulder )
    A few pairs of adult toddler shoes some with mlp, monkeys and then some with yellow and pink pokadots all over them, both shoes also light up on the bottoms.
    Ab hoodie with childness or babyish designs printed all over it , 10 of those.
    Adult toddler jeans and shorts 10 pairs total.

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    Well I'd start off with some cute AIO diapers (And I'd certainly get someone to do me an 80/90's Alvin and the Chipmunk AIO)
    Couple dozen pair of onesies with some cute babyish prints (Like dinos,trains,teddies,Tigger,ect)
    Some long AB shirts preferably with designs that matched my diapers
    Some overalls and shortalls to wear with my onesies when I go out
    Cute footie PJs in every babyish boy designs you could think of

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    I'm looking at expanding my wardrobe...and I'm sorta uninspired...

    I make quite a bit of my own clothes (ab stuff)...

    Short alls, that something I've not done...

    Maybe if I win the lottery I'll have a drawing for an ab wardrobe!

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    I would be so happy to have these Wolf Footed Pajamas, they are so cute Adult Wolf Costume Footie Pajamas makes me sad not to have them

    I am not sure If I want anything more than footed pajamas !

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