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Thread: Meal Replacement from a Bottle

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    Question Meal Replacement from a Bottle

    I have recently (past few months) been falling in trap of getting too busy to stop for breakfast so I had started doing meal replacements. My wife got me some all organic all natural powder (costly as hack). So it got me thinking a few weeks back how does adult meal replacement really differ from toddler milk drink? Seriously - other then lower calorie...

    So I gave it a try and I actually like Enfagrow Vanilla Milk Drink. It is amazing. I have actually been drinking it now at night before bedtime. I know it sounds weird but it is actually good and it is like having a glass of milk with added nutrients before bed so its healthy. Right?

    Plus for some odd reason I have lost like 4 pounds (I am not skipping dinner) since adding my bottle of milk formula drink at night - and I do not have any weigh to lose - seriously.

    Do you drink toddler/baby/child formula or milk drinks? What are your thoughts?

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    I tried baby formula for awhile, but I didn't care for it. I'd consider trying something like Enfagrow, though. I already drink a meal replacement for breakfast so it wouldn't be that strange. Maybe I'll pick some up the next time I go grocery shopping. Good idea, thanks!

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    I've been fed the stuff by surprise quite a few times and by myself once, which was the first time. I didn't really enjoy it, but I thought it was sweet what it stood for. Both as a regressive thing and because it meant the person suprising me with it wanted to support me.

    Milk drinks seem interesting though. I don't really know the difference between them and the meal replacement stuff though. I feel like there might be nutrient and taste differences obviously..

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    I was going to say be careful, because you might gain weight. I think they are formulated for some weight gain, high in sugar and carbs, but since you lost weight, I could be seriously wrong.

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    There are two versions. Actually three. The first of course is still labeled formula and it is Stage 2.

    The ones I am referring to is the Enfagrow Stage 3. There are two choices to choices from as far as taste preference. The first is vanilla and the other is straight milk, I been using the Vanilla just for the flavor. It is like an adult meal replacement vanilla so it can be a little 'tasty'. So if you don't like you can try the straight milk flavor.

    I would recommend the 4-pack pre-made cartons (they come with a straw, too or you can pour into your bottle). They are costly at $6 a 4 pack so I use the powder; however, to get your taste prefence down go with the pre-made 4-pack to start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I was going to say be careful, because you might gain weight. I think they are formulated for some weight gain, high in sugar and carbs, but since you lost weight, I could be seriously wrong.
    Not sure why I lost weight. They are only 120 calorie per serving so not much for a 2400 calorie daily intake diet that I try to maintain. Might be one of the ingredients. I think the high fat would cause weight gain for a 20 pound toddler.

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    I do have tubs of meal replacement but is mainly for when I don't eat my food but I will drink it as it the same calories as what would be in my food

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    I've never tried baby formula as an adult. Everyone says it's yucky, and that's kind of thrown me off it. Though I think I would like to, at least once. I do take NIDO Kinder 1+ a few times a week, in a sippy cup. It's a kind of toddler formula, and tastes like honey-milk. Good as a treat, but calorific. I have to make it fit into that day's eating plan.

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    It's got a very odd taste, but if you drink enough of it you get used to it.. but if you drink too much of it you might get a tummy ache or creamy poops

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