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    Default Hello! Just joined!

    Hello everybody!

    I finally joined today after checking out this group in the past. My username says it all. Every since I was young, I have always loved footed blanket sleeper pajamas. I always loved having to wear them growing up in the 80's. I seemed to have never lost interest in them. A few years back, I found a vintage adult sized footed blanket sleeper and bought it. It brought back so many memories. I love the feeling of being all zipped up in a pair of them. While I enjoy the feeling of wearing them, I am mostly interested in seeing women wear them.

    I joined to learn new things, expand my interests, and meet new people. Please feel free to message me. Thank you!

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    Welcome its very nice to meet someone with the same passions that I have!
    you may want to have a look at my post AB or not

    It gives a list of the PJ's I have.

    I look forward to chatting with you.
    hope you enjoy your time here

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    Welcome. I just got my first Onesie Footed PJs as a Christmas present from my wife. I have not gone a night without wearing them. They are so amazing.

    Thanks for joining.

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    Welcome to ADISC backinfootedsleepers! Your username sure is cute! Footie pajamas are super fun! I had to get myself a pair too! Though with certain types of bedding and in certain types of weather, they sure can make the night sort of hot! Also they can be frustrating to clean, at least for me! Still, they are really nice.

    I hope you manage everything you set out with the site and more! Other then the adorable footies though, do you have anything else you are really passionate about? If it's something you feel comfortable sharing, I'm sure the members would love to hear it. Even just easy stuff like what your favorite color is! In fact.. what is your favorite color? Hehe. How did you stumble on this forum? ^_^

    Have a great time!

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    Hello everybody! Thank you for the welcomes! I am still exploring this forum. Pajamalover, I will check out your post. Glad to see there are other people that like footed pajamas. As for my favorite color... I guess I would have to say that would be red. As for other AB interests, I'm still learning about the AB lifestyle. It seems very interesting, fun, and relaxing. While I love footed blanket sleepers, I do want to expand my horizons.

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    Welcome to ADISC its always good to see new people join this community.

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    Thank you! There is a lot of great info on here any plenty of people!

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