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Thread: Happy New Year, ADISC!

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    Default Happy New Year, ADISC!

    12:45AM, New Years Eve.

    Have fun puking all over your girlfriend's Civic tonight! (Don't worry, the apologetic sex is good).

    Happy last-day-of-2008! (And happy 2009 in 23 hours, 15 minutes!)

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    8 hours left for me.

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    By the time I wake up, you will already be celebrating, Lukie. Have a good one, not just at the start of the New Year, but all year long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    8 hours left for me.
    Where are you going to get drunk celebrate the arrival of 2009?

    I'll be with a few friends and family eating hideous bone-in prime rib and lighting a 20 foot tall bonfire with a roman candle if it's not too windy (burning the neighbors house down would be . . bad)

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    It's still almost 24 hours away for me, but seeing as I probably won't be on between now and then, Happy New Year! Hope everybody has a fun and safe night. I'm having a Lord of the Rings marathon (because I'm that cool) with a lot of energy drinks and chips. Should be a good time.

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    Alright, just a little over 4 hours left for me and I'm heading out!

    Have a safe, fun and happy New Year everyone!

    (OMG last post for 2008! ...*tear*... What a turbulent year it's been on this site, but a great one nonetheless! Thanks for the good times all!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi_Sin View Post
    drunk diapered up and wet happy new year all 1216am 01/01/09
    Nappy new year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    Nappy new year!
    That's really cute, Valentine. Happy New Year all.

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