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Thread: Ice Cream Floats

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    Smile Ice Cream Floats

    I owe the inspiration for this topic to Musickid's "Favorite Soda Pop" thread.

    Any of you younger members ever have a Coke, 7-Up, or any other kind of ice cream float? You might have also known of them by the name "ice cream soda". In Baltimore they were always called "floats". They were very popular back in the '50s and '60s, and I know the older members on ADISC no doubt remember them well. I haven't heard of someone mentioning an ice cream float for a long time, and I'm thinking they went out with drug store/5&10 cent store soda fountains in general? Maybe not. Honestly, I never cared much for them when I was a kid. I could eat a dish of ice cream and drink asoda seperately. But something about my ice cream being *bubbly* just didn't do anything for me. I'd like to try one now, but I no longer have the tolerance for ice cream and milk. It might taste good going down, however I'd be in misery the rest of the day with stomach pain and bloating. Guess I should have acquired a taste for them when I could have enjoyed having one.

    If you never had one, make yourself one at home and see what you think. Just take a glass of ice cream and pour some of your favorite soda over it. Use a spoon for the ice cream and drink the liquid cream soda right from the glass or use a straw. Enjoy!!!


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    I haven't had a float in years...The last one I had was from A&W I believe

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    Valentine and Mooey G hit it right on the button. An A&W Rootbeer Float was always one of my favorites. Damn, I want one right now!

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    Rootbeer and coke floats are awesome. Definitely the way forward.

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    Dreamscicle Float take good vanilla ice cream, and put it in orange soda ...go try it .

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    I effing love Coke Floats, thats really why i love vanilla Coke :]

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    We called them "Spiders" here.

    And yeah, they are awesome!

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    A&W Root Bear Floats are the best...Anyway they do sell A&W and Sunkist Floats now in glass bottles...

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    WOW!!! I had no idea floats were still so popular these days. Yes, I do also remember root beer floats being popular. The dreamsicle float mentioned with vanilla ice cream and orange soda must have taken it's name from the old Good Humor "dreamsicles" which had vanilla and orange ice cream in them.


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