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Thread: Question: How does one go about publicizing a blog and building a readership? (While being technically inept)

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    Default Question: How does one go about publicizing a blog and building a readership? (While being technically inept)

    So, I think I write really well and have a lot to say. I want to get my ABDL blog out there as an intelligent discourse about the interest and its context within the broader kink community. When appropriate, I put in on my profile. When appropriate, I post a link here or on fet life. But what else can I do on my own? I admit I haven't kept posting regularly like I should, so that's something I'm working on from my end, but does anyone have any helpful ideas or resources?

    I want to promote but I don't to be too obnoxious.

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    Look into SEO techniques (search engine optimization). Some are more ethical than others so use judgement.

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    I've also been wondering this too. I want to start a different blog though. I want to do one that talks about my experiences with the disabilities I have and what I deal with. It'd be easy using my written expression to do this too, but I have no idea how to promote my blog to get people to discover it. I've seen tons of mom blogs about their autistic children that get a ton of views and comments. It makes me wonder how they do it. TT_TT

    Is there anyway of going through google? Depending on what your blog is at, you can easily try promoting it and getting it into search engines with a few tags about it plus a small description.

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