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Thread: Vote now for new furry diaper style

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    Default Vote now for new furry diaper style

    Recently ABUniverse reached out to three very talented artists and asked them to share their ideas for a new baby fur diaper design for ABUniverse to produce as our next high-quality adult diaper: the ABU Furry Diaper.

    Each of the three artists came up with a great design in its own right, and we would be proud to offer each. But we must choose just one design to start with, and that is where we need the help of you, our valued ABU Members.

    Please have a good look at the approximation of each of the three styles displayed below. The designs and diaper mock-ups below are rough-drafts to show the style of each artist and introduce the characters that would be used for each design should it go on to be the winner of this poll.

    Whichever theme wins the new private poll will be the next exclusive diaper created by ABUniverse, the other designs in the poll may be produced at a later time. The purpose of this opinion poll is not to determine the exact design of the next diaper; the artwork displayed above is not a finalized version, but the final product will be closely based on the winning theme in this poll. Our NEW FURRY DIAPER STYLE POLL will remain open for a limited time only.

    Personally I like the jungle theme but then again I'm not a furry. For some reason the site will not send me a link in my email so I cannot vote. I told ABU they need to produce a thicker more thirsty diaper to compete with Bambino and other super diapers. We should have a choice: SDK or SDK+, cushies or cushies overnight.

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    Im a furry(lion) and im dissapointed at the results so far, I like the jungle theme, but its in 2nd place. Grrr

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    If jungle wins ill be ordering a pack when theyre made

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    I may not be a Furry but I hope the anime theme wins so I can get some of those.

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    Default furry diaper

    I am not a furry myself but I really like the look of the jungle design. It is furry based but not overwhelming.

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    Jungle looks great and also is cute enough to cross-platform both ab's n furries so better revenue streams

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