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Thread: Hi from Europe.

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    Default Hi from Europe.

    After years of just following forums, reading and getting a grip on my situation, here is my first post.
    So I am a 40+ years male, have a family with kids and a loving understanding wife. The source of my incontinence are two car crashes and a damaged spine (crushed/displaced disks). Situation deteriorated trough years.. first loosing sensation in parts of my legs.. feet, then incontinence kicked in. Fortunately it is a touch and go... sometimes I would leak for days.. then a month of being dry.. then again weeks of needing heavy protection.
    I must say DL forums gave me some info about the best diapers, ways to conceal.. but coping with this is hard. I can not "get in to" loving diapers.. sure they are great keeping me dry and are a part of my life now, but.. this is just who I am.
    Still, I am forcing myself to live a full, active life.. and guess what - it works.
    My wife knows and supports me in any way possible.. my family knows - none of my friends know and nobody in my office has a clue.
    I wear with confidence and discrete, takes a little time to get mentally aligned but after that it is ok. Yes, all those problems with changing in the truck-stop toilets.. having a diaper-bag.. leaks.. don't go away - and never will, no matter how well you adjust. With adjusting/aligning you say to yourself "Hi, my name is John and I am incontinent"... but nobody goes.."Hi John".

    So this is me brain dump for today.. see you around !

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    Hello incolex and welcome to the group.

    We do have a sub-group for IC and I hope that your find information in that site in the Diaper Talk Forum.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Thank you.
    Found the sub-group !
    I hope I will also be able to give something back to the group.

    Be well.

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