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Thread: What are the personalities of your favorite stuffed animals?

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    Default What are the personalities of your favorite stuffed animals?

    This is what my favorite stuffed animal, Bagel, looks like: Click image for larger version. 

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    I always imagined him to be shy and sweet. He likes to observe things and he rarely ever talks.

    I've had him since I was 17; I bought him at a pet store. I found it funny that he turned out to be more expensive than all of the real rabbits

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    My bear Ben had an aura of a wise old man, always with a twinkle in his eye, but still kind of sad. I think it was because he would accidentally find himself on my bedside floor in the morning.

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    My bunny Maple is quiet and modest. She is a bit like wallpaper, in that you just don't notice her after a while. But she is very good at listening, even if she doesn't have anything to say back, and she holds secrets better than anyone ever. I like to think her defining trait is patience.

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    I have a husky cub, we mostly just cuddle during sleep, since I don't really have the privacy to talk and play with him more often, but I'd like to know him better, when I'll have my own room someday.

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    My Axel Plushie has it's own personality compared to the real one. XD My Axel plushie is very loud and obnoxious. He speaks his mind no matter who might be around. I often have to tell him to shut up, only for him to say 'no'. XD It's so funny.

    I also have a teddy bear I've had since the fourth grade I think? Maybe third. I don't remember. Anyway, his name is special. He's very shy and really sweet. It doesn't say much either, if anything at all.

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    I have 3 MLP plushies who are shy and quiet and we cuddle all the time especially during sleep and I like to play and talk with them all the time.

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    Maf-maf, my big bear is kind and loving, and he loves to cuddle. Fluppy, my plushie puppy is more playful and likes to dance to the music on the TV. Moose on the other hand, is the naughty one. Without warning, he'll jump on my wife's face, which she hates. She says he feels like a carpet! Late at night, he creeps out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, where he devours all of my cookies. Bad Moose!

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    A lot of my plushies are licensed characters, who I tend to just stick with the personality their character has. I have a few soft dollies I give my own personalities too, usually sweet and loving sister types who can be a bit sensitive too.

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    As some said, if its a licensed char, I usually keep it the same.
    Tho a lot of the others are just silly.
    More so a lil fox I have called Pouncer. He loves to pounce around and things :P

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    I have two Care Bears that I adore. One is Bedtime Bear and the other is Good Luck Bear. Bedtime bear is always sleepy, but willing to dance and bounce on me while I lay down for a nap... Sometimes I imagine that mommy has employed him to keep me safe and warm while she is at work, like a babysitter. Good Luck bear is my daytime companion, and reminds me to work hard so that I can keep my awesome work-from-home job and make it more profitable. He just hangs out and watches while I work, but he's always down for a quick power nap when I need one. Neither one talk to me, but I sometimes talk baby talk to them and assume they understand.

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