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Thread: Could a girl review the Tranquility SmartCore Diaper & TopLiner Super-Plus Booster Contour & post back?

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    Question Could a girl review the Tranquility SmartCore Diaper & TopLiner Super-Plus Booster Contour & post back?

    Maybe "review," isn't the right word. It's more like, "try, while keeping an eye out for a few specific things, & tell me if you think they'd work for me." No need to actually go to the trouble of reviewing. The only reason I ask for a girl's opinion, is because I have girl parts. Love you guys. Being that I cannot stand crinkle, & must have a cloth-like-backed diaper, I thought these might be awesome, especially since I shall find a way to cutify them! I tend to "hold it," as long as I can, then wet heavily. Afterward, my bladder gets tired, & I need to wait about a half hour or so to change, as I dribble, several times, in small amounts, after a long time, "holding it." I'd be getting changed about 4 times in 24 hours, so, no need for super-long wear. I think I'm a medium.

    most important things to me:
    Do they have a decent squish?
    How's the fit? Are they comfy, quiet & thin? Of course, I expect swelling when wet, so, no problem.
    Can they hold at least 2 decent-sized wettings, & 1 fairly large messing each (probably too much info, sorry), & how well do the diaper & booster perform when seated, & when lying down? I'm a wheelchair user, so this is a biggie.
    Any performance-related issues, like weak tabs? Thank you.
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