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Thread: The latest batch of (upside down) bambinos :(

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    Default The latest batch of (upside down) bambinos :(

    Okies. My little boy and I spent $450 on a case or two of each of the types of bambinos when they came back in stock. They arrived thursday and we have had nothing but issues.

    The fit is completely different, longer in the front and back, and the legholes are cut a bit larger (leaving baby spots on all the furniture from lack of fit)

    They have almost NO SAP! A 6 hour diaper is lasting 2 at best before steadily dripping down his legs! They end up being very soft when wet and squishy without swelling.

    The padding no longer goes all the way up the front. This is bad news since he pees almost straight up.

    This issues traverse all of the styles and Bambino WILL be getting an email.

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    I've noticed similar issues, an apparently major drop in quality. I could care less about the top sheet change.

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    First of all you need to bring up your complaints with Bambino, I would be on the phone with them pronto! I'm sure there are issues with the diapers (especially the upside down prints) because Bambino admitted they rushed their supplier. As far the size issue is concerned are you sure you ordered the right size? If they "improved" the fit of their diapers I might have to give them another try. The inside lining is supposed to be improved, hopefully that translates into "does not rip open on the inside" (my main problem with Bellissimos!). Keep us up to date on your Communications with TBHG!

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