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    So as you may have noticed I'm not IC, but I've been having some IC problems lately. I'll try to say this as cleanly as possible. Basically throughout the day I'll notice that I'm "crowning" if you catch my drift and even when I wipe (which I've been doing extra just to be sure) it still comes back like once every 3 hours causing me to have messy underwear for the majority of the day. I've called my doctor about it and he said over the phone that I shouldn't worry about it unless it progresses. The problem is I am worried about because while I'm more accepting of it then most I would rather not be incontinent for any amount of time (no offense). TL;DR Do you guys know of anything that can cause this to happen, or any ideas. This seemed like the best group to ask next to a urologist which I can't get a referral to.

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    My first thought is your diet. Are you eating anything different lately? Yogurt, fruit, juices? Also diet pills can cause problems. And, believe it or not, diet sugar free hard candies can cause problems. If you haven't changed your diet, then a doctor can order what is called a "smear" which can be tested for any number of intestinal illnesses.

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    you know that might be it my roomate's been making a lot of bread lately.

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    Possible. Especially if it's the rising yeast and/or high fiber wheat kind. Any gluten allergy that you know of?

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    nope, at least I hope I don't because I'm a gluten eating machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blablafreckenlover View Post
    nope, at least I hope I don't because I'm a gluten eating machine.
    If I understand correctly...your doctor proclaimed no probs...over the phone??

    Now, we needn't get all alarmed and riled up just my experience though, no reasonable practitioner gives advice without seeing first-hand the issues...

    Pain and discomfort would up the concern...however there are situations where symptoms are little to none.

    I guess you could try backing off any new foods...I would press for the referral anyway, even if you need to see another practitioner to get it...the allergy, or yeast aspect is a good thought...but, every three hours (episodic) seems counter-intuitive to me for pretty much any kind or source of least caused by some sort of reaction...

    Though this may seem absurd to ask...are you possibly pregnant?

    I would be concerned about a possible Bladder Prolapse (Cystocele/Fallen Bladder)...



    Okay, so I see your profile indicates "Male"...if that's a physical genital aspect...then I'm way-off...and more than a little confused... Sorry!

    Uhm, ...what may I respectfully "crowning", and from where does it emerge?? Are 'we' talking 'turtle-heads' here? Or rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids... ?? I guess, I assumed urinary-incontinence too...even though you stated "messy" underwear ...but you said that can't be it... I'm just digging myself in deeper...I'll wait to hear more...I hope I haven't caused you embarrassment...

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    Actually ive been having this same sorta problem in the past few months. For me though I'm not or I don't feel that I'm "crowning", but i can go wipe my ass again every couple hours and get a significant amount. Now I'm not saying its related because this problem just started, and ive been lactose for years and years, but im lactose intolerant, and whether its lactose related or not I've always had gas problems. It varies from day to day, but somedays ill fart 100 times and others im more regular like 15-20, and i get very bad gas smell wise often. It seems like its related to intensified gas with me. But, even if im not leaving skidmarks, just sitting and passing gas a few times is enough to get my crack and underwear wet, but not dirty. I was pretty concerned about it a couple months ago but now its not as bad, or often, so idk i dont think of or worry much about it anymore. I'm starting to think it was caused from all the holiday food. But, like you id rather not be incon, and id really really not want to be fecal incon.

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    Sounds to me like hemorrhoids. That can cause such things.

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    It demands a trip to the doctor as it's affecting your life. NO need to speculate on could be or could not be- See a doc and be sure.

    Many of us manage such issues by using feminine hygiene items like liners or even ultrathins pads. Hit the major sanpro websites like Stayfree and Kotex that sometimes even have free samples. There's *ZERO* need for shame or emo hurt for whatever has our lives cleaner and more comfy. Washable cloth liners have worked for some of us to save mid day underwear changes,

    One link with useful links is here:

    DIY Homemade Pantyliners Review – Do they Work? | Green Idea Reviews

    And guys- don't get squicked by the lady uses concepts.

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