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    I work at one of our local community colleges, I like skiing in the winter, and swimming in the summer, asnd computers all of the time.

    I am incontinent sometimes due to a trauma that I experienced. I have had a couple of accidents while out in public so to prevent getting embarrassed in public I frequently ware diapers or some other form of protective undergarment. I have been wearing diapers on and off now for several years and have started to like the feeling of security that I experience when I have a diaper on. So I decided to do an internet search about this, and found this site. I want to talk to others.

    my family has a cabin on a lake and I like to spend a lot of time there during the warm weather. During the winter I like to ski; and I also like computers, and spend a great deal of time on mine.

    oh there are lots of reasons that I joined this site. I wish to try and better understand why I enjoy wearing diapers, am I just a diaper lover or do I want to explore being an adult baby. I think that I might try the adult baby some. I just ordered a onesie online after joining this site.

    so I am not sure what else to say so for now I will just leave it with this.

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    Welcome aboard "unsure", its always nice to have new people joining the community especially ones with such a wide range of interests, athlete and into computer that's pretty neat. There are a lot of threads out there that touch on the "why" question so hopefully you'll be able to find satisfactory answers to your question ( personally I hold to the incorrectly laid lovemap theory but that's just me) what you like will probably expand as you spend more time examining what makes you tick so you might find yourself eventually coming to enjoy the baby side of the AB/DL community too who knows.

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    Welcome to ADISC! You are definitively at the right place!

    Sounds like you have some self-discovery ahead. Hope we can give you the support you want to help.

    I'm a Computer Programmer personally and do like to ski myself. Though, in the summer time, I prefer to go hiking.

    Make yourself comfortable! Stay awhile! Stay forever! hahhahaha!

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