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Thread: Is there a cloth-like backed diaper that's worth anything?

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    Default Is there a cloth-like backed diaper that's worth anything?

    The general trend in the industry seems to be a move towards a more cloth-like backed diaper as opposed to a plastic backed one.

    This is all fine and good if we're going to get the quality that you see in the average Pampers or Huggies baby diapers, but too often all we adults get is a terrible backing that's more dryer sheet than cloth-like. Certainly not even close to what's seen in the aforementioned baby diapers.

    So, what gives? Is there one that's even half-way decent(and by that I mean, isn't dryer-sheet backed like the Assurance, or Certainty brand) and will actually hold anywhere close to the typical Abena L4 or Bambino?

    And if not, do you think we'll ever see one? Or are we just doomed to see a one by one fall of the decent diaper brands into oblivion? Because the latter would really be terrible, >_>

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    I tried Abena AirPlus when they first came out but the sticky type tapes had no grip on the cloth backing. Recently I bought a pack of Abena Delta-Form M-3s, XP Medical - Abena Delta-Form Adult Diapers , and they are the best cloth-like diapers I've tried. Maybe Abena has finally figured out the Velcro thing. I might give Air-Plus another try.

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    To be honest, I grew up in cloth backed, and its was is most appealling to me. The Abena Air Plus line is amazing in my opinion. it holds as much as its plastic backed brother, and I've never leaked. the two complains with them are that they sag after long time wear, and odor controll. I always wear underwear or something close over them, even when I sleep, so sagging is irrelivant to me as the diaper is always supported, and I am very athletic, and stay well hydrated as a result. I also use baby powder 100% of the time, these two things together mean what little odor is present in the diluted urine is masked in the powder anyway... so I guess cloth backed is all benefits, and no drawbacks, for me anyway.

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