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Thread: Hello from a far away place...

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    Default Hello from a far away place...

    ...and by far away place, I mean the west coast

    So, Iíve known I was an AB/DL/Babyfur for as long as I can remember (I think since I was 3), but only recently discovered that there were others like me, and for me, thatís been a huge relief.

    I joined to, hopefully, find some nice people to talk to and maybe even make a few friends
    There was also an important question I had to ask, but Iíll try to make a thread about that in the near future.

    Anyway, Iím also a gamer who likes Pokemon, Digimon, and Minecraft. I also enjoy watching Adventure Time, MLP, and some anime.

    And when Iím not on the computer, youíll find me running, busting awesome moves on the dance floor, or philosophizing about life

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    You're from a far away place, huh? Well, that is true as we have lots of people from lots of other far away places. I'll also bet that there are some of us a lot closer than you think. I am here in Arizona so I am closer to you than, say, an Aussie.

    You're a gamer, well there are quite a few others on here with that passion also. Sorry, I'm not one of them but still think its a great past time.

    Hope you have a great time while you are here and also, welcome to the community.

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    Heya MorningD00, welcome to the site!

    I run a small AB/DL Minecraft server, in case you were interested. You're more than welcome to join in!

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