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    Default Which Diapers?

    Hello Adisc hope you all are well.

    I'm thinking about ordering some diapers in the very near future (Possibly this weekend.) and I was wondering which I should get. Now before you fire away with different brands I'm looking for something specific.

    Molicare and Tena I find are not the best diapers, though Tena has been good in the past I find their slightly new changes to their padding just isn't good enough. I've always been an Abena Abri-Form fan, I usually buy their M4 pack, and even now that it is their Premium version they are still my favourite above all.

    So it might be that I'll just buy another multipack of Abena again, but I was wondering if anyone would suggest a good brand made for adult babies, like Bambinos or whatever else. Thing is, if they're not going to be good enough to hold as much or be as thick and comfy as the Abena brand then I'll stick to what I enjoy.

    In short; I'm looking for a brand of adult diapers that is a lot more childish but has near enough the same, if not better properties that Abena Abri-Form premium has. Any ideas Adisc?

    Also for those who know me; sorry I haven't been online in so long, I don't use the internet as much as I used to. Much love to you though <3

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    Well what i know is that ABuniverse Has "childish" prints atleast other then that im not sure

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    Anything from Bambino is going to be better than Abena. they Clasico/blanco/teddy line are high pulp quick wicking, while the Bellisiomo are high SAP. They have been thicker than M4s, although I haven't tried the recent version of M4s.


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    Thanks for your help everyone. Seems Bambino is out of stock on their main website and it might be more expensive to buy from the US anyways. I'll buy Abena for now but will keep Bambino in mind for the future.

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