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Thread: curiously clownish cholesterol cause?

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    Default curiously clownish cholesterol cause?

    after having had my bloods done, due to my infection, the report came back that my 'bad' cholesterol levels were high and my 'good' low. previous tests, some years earlier, had shown no problem.

    the doc advised cutting down on the usual, but i was a bit flummoxed as to what more i could really do to eat more healthily? you see, my dad had had cholesterol and heart problems, so as soon as that all came to light, the whole family ditched the stereotypical northern diet and went the limp-wristed, southerner route (you know what i mean).
    nowadays, thirty-odd years later, rarely do i eat anything that's pastry, fatty, fried or overly-processed, not least because they give me bad guts. milk is skimmed, meat is lean, bum is washed and knickers clean.
    along with all the garlic i eat, wtf else can i do?

    pondering this, and after being told that i'd have to wait 'til the following day for my HS meds (i'm getting ongoing treatment! YAY!), i nipped into the butchers for gammon steak, pork burgers and black pudding
    oh, and i also 'teated' myself to some o' that new fangled cholesterol-lowering buttery spread.
    once home, once i'd nit-picked at my life, all i was left with was the fact that i'd had a bacterial infection when the blood was taken.

    Google-ing 'cholesterol levels' returned the official dogma and hysteria, but adding 'infection' to the search turned the whole thing on it's head (you can try, i don't mind).
    eg: Blood Lipids and Infectious Disease, Part I - Perfect Health Diet | Perfect Health Diet

    so, i'm interested in hearing others' experiences and opinions on this issue (before i go back to the doc and slap his face with it, in a month).
    in addition, during previous infections, i'd noticed that the whites of my eyes sometimes had a yellow tinge, but that this cleared up once the infection had.

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    I have a problem with my good cholesterol, and I suspect it's a common problem. I take a Lipitor to control my cholesterol. Eating shell fish and shrimp, something I love, can lower the good cholesterol. If your stats aren't extreme, I think you'll be okay. Beyond that, I don't know what to suggest because it is difficult to control.

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    After sudden onset total serenity (woke up stone deaf one morning) and a few days later earned ten self-adhesive campaign awards (why ten - when they all look the bloody same) fighting off Dr Dracula in the local A+E, all this - after having arrived there in the battle taxi, I for one am not feeling in the least bit charitable. Worry not over teaching your GP a life lesson and fwiw you can tell the local beak "acorn said" when you see him. I have since discarded those irritating awards but still have my "wrist worn" dog tag still lying around somewhere. I now suspect my consultant might be gay, he sent me an unsolicited invite to a date in the OP Dept.

    So yeah, what passes for a social life nowadays.

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    Start taking an Omega-3/6/9 oil. Omega 3 is all the rage these days but it really shouldn't be. It isn't bad- in fact, it's definitely good- but Omega 6 and 9 work differentially and can also benefit you. Of all of them, Omega 6 is probably the best to take.

    We hear about Omega-3 because it has the most research done on it. If you look closer, you find out that a lot of the research about Omega-3 is done at public universities in states with big fishing industries.

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    Well I can give you the scientists take on it. Diet is very important and it sounds like you're doing a lot of the right things by cutting down on fatty foods. Also keep an eye on the sneaky ones: cheese, eggs, red meat, oily sauces, black pudding.... Eat more of the right stuff: whole grain wheat, oats recently were shown to be very good so have some porridge, fruit and veg, a bit of fresh (not fried) fish is good too a couple of times a week.
    Equally important though are lifestyle factors which you haven't mentioned. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to lower LDL(bad) cholesterol and raise HDL(good) cholesterol. So if you can work more exercise into your routine that would be to the good. You don't say if you exercise much but if you haven't been exercising much in the past start gently! a daily brisk walk for the first week or two is perfectly OK if it raises your heart rate and rate of breathing a little.
    Also if you smoke, cut that out! the link to cholesterol is tenuous but the link to heart disease is not. If you have high cholesterol you're at risk already add smoking and you're begging for trouble.
    If you're concerned about it you should speak with a GP, they can advise you best. The link with infection is a possibility. Infection does all sorts if things to your body and blood composition. However the evidence doesn't seem to be that well established in the mainstream scientific journals. There is not even agreement over whether infection increases or decreases the concentration of cholesterol. Rather than slapping your poor doctor in the face with it maybe you could discuss it and suggest taking a re-test.
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    Cholesterol is sort of a 'cargo cult' issue. It has a strong association with heart disease, but a causal relationship has not been proved. Its also largely genetic. If you're predisposed, diet and exercise aren't going to get you into the good zone, although they can move the numbers some. I have a good friend who is religious about his diet, exercises (hard. swimming, cycling, running) 2-3 hours a day, yet his numbers are nearly double mine.

    Statins can affect the cholesterol numbers, but haven't been proved to prevent heart disease.

    More exercise and a better diet are good things for a lot of reasons. Go for it and hope for the best.

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    I have found it is different for each person. I've been battling heart problems all my life. My heart attack was when I was 39. Along with the heart problems comes cholesterol problems.
    I finally found the best solution for me was a low carbohydrate diet. When I went on this diet my good cholesterol went up, my bad cholesterol went down and my triglycerides fell right in line. To say the least my Dr. is very pleased.
    Does this work for everyone? No. But you might want to try it. Look up Paleo Diet.

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