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Thread: Baby powder?

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    Question Baby powder?

    Hey im kinda new to this baby powder. so i was wondering if i could get some info/help like, anywhere to order it online? (EU) and how is the usage of it? like how much and do you use it every time you are diapered ?

    (Sorry if i spelled anything wrong or posted wrong)

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    well... baby powder is pretty available almost anywhere you go lol. I'm pretty sure its the same in EU, they sell baby powder in drug stores, super markets, etc. Just get whichever one you think smells best xD and use as much as you want. Some people like to totally cover themselves in powder before diapering, and others just put a little bit. You're supposed to use it on your "diaper area" to keep you dry, but you can use to for your entire body if you ever wanna keep a part of your body dry.

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    Well i live in a small area (like everyone know everyone) so if i suddenly bought that they would probably start asking and all that other stuff, so if someone knew of a website that sold it. cause i remembering seing big plastic bottels on some abdl pics

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    Baby powder has tons of legitimate uses. It is irrational and unhealthy to think of it as something that you need to be afraid to buy. Buy at any drugstore. You are safe.

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    Baby powder is used for multiple reasons, in fact baby powder is used more for reasons OTHER than diapering than it is for diapering, most people dont even like to use baby powder on their babies because its either ineffective or there are products that work better. So you can buy baby powder and say its for your feet or to keep your body from sweating so much :P. But i've never seen any ABDL sites that sell baby powder because its a pretty universal item and isn't necessarily a "baby" item in its entirety

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    Oh, didnt know that. well i guess ill buy some later. Thanks for the answeres! :3

    Edit: i just bought some (couldnt wait) and ill try to later when im gonna put a diaper on :3

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    When you find a baby powder your life, don't just shake it all over your body. What I do why diaper my babies or give them a bath, is shake the powder into my hand and then just the powder over their bodies.

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    I don't know where you live in the EU, but where I live you have computer cassieres. So you can grab a PDA by the entrance of the supermarket, and walk to the computer when you have your grocerys and pay with your bank card.

    This way nobody will know what you are buying, because there is no personnel in the cassieres.

    But, I would be a bit carefull with shaking. I believe the powder is not so good for your lungs etc.

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    i did get some babypowder and i used some when i was last padded and it was way better :3

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