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Thread: is there a leak proof diaper?

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    Default is there a leak proof diaper?

    Ok so as i wanted to ask are there any diapers that are leak proof for night time use? I have tried many different diapers and none of them seem leak proof when i am sleeping on my side which is the easiest way for me to fall to sleep. I have also tested them when sleeping on my back and on my stomach but even then most of the diapers leak a good 50% of the time on my stomach. Then 20% of the time on my back. All i want is to be able to use a diaper while laying in my most comfortable position without fear of leakage. The diapers that fit me best are small/medium size but always leak when on my sides even with a nice tight comfy fit. So are there any diapers that somehow won't leak when laying on my sides? or anything that could help prevent the leaks?

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    There is no leak-proof diaper. My solution is to wear a lined plastic pant over my premium disposables. While leaks are less frequent with a premium disposable diaper they still occur. The lined plastic pant over the disposable is a solution that has never failed me. Granted, I don't flood my diapers but don't change them "until it's time" either. Plastic pants over a disposable are not enough because there is nothing to hold the urine in place. I wear a terry cloth panty and a plastic pant over that as my insurance. I'll say it again: the security of this has been 100%, over years of trials. Most often the disposable does not leak, but when it does, "I'm covered."

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    Dang well guess i need to look where to buy plastic pants to at least help prevent the leakages cause I have had to sleep on my back and to me sleeping on my back isn't comfortable. I like to roll onto my side curl up into a ball and pass out but the diapers don't do much to stop my urine from leaking out the sides no matter how tight they are.

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    The closest thing to a leakproof diaper is wearing cloth ones. I myself use Dependeco AIO's with a stuffer and never had a leak with them.
    I'm a side sleeper so when I wet during the night I can be on my side or back with no problem. The outer cover can get damp so you might
    want to wear plastic pants over them. For myself since I don't really have a flooding problem with my IC I can get by without wearing plastic
    pants. The sewn in PUL liner does the job itself. Here's a link to these AIO's. all in one adult baby cloth diapers

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    Not inco, but I have no problem wetting in any position and not leaking (within reason) (Only done with Tena Maxi/Super recently)
    I'm a boy tho, most likely different with girls

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