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Thread: fbi warning?

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    Default fbi warning?

    Well i was watching porn on my laptop and i fbi warning came up saying i could spend up to 5 to 11 years in jail keep in mind the porn i watch is 18 and up so with that said why did that message come up>

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    Could be a variety of reasons. For starters, perhaps it was just spam or something trying to scare you into clicking something. Or a virus. Those would be the most reasonable possibilities to assume if you weren't actually watching anything that is considered illegal where you currently reside at. Apart from that, the site itself may have been tagged and you were watching some legal adult videos on a questionable site. The only other thing I can personally think of is that you were watching something that you didn't realize was illegal where you live and you should stop watching that particular video/website.

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    It's probably just some ransomware.
    Usually it's a screen that can't be closed from the browser by pressing the X button. It then tells you to pay a fine, and send money to somewhere via money gram.

    It's all bullshit of course, just open up the task manger and end your browser.

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    I had one of those pop up on me through a non-porno website a few months ago and believe me it weirded me out at first and when I saw that they wanted me to go to Wal-Mart and get a MoneyPak Greendot card I knew it was a scam because of the fact if the FBI had something on you you'd get a visit from them or something.

    I did some research and found out it is a malware program or virus. Best bet is to run a scan and find the sucker and that's what I did.


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    Don't worry about it, law enforcement doesn't work like this.

    If you stumbled into a sting, you'd probably have no idea until the local police came around to bring you in for questioning.

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    I had one of those pop up on me 10 years ago. It scared the crap out of me as well, but now I just laugh. I also click off and clear my history, fearing it may be a virus. I'm well protected running Trend Micro and Window's Defender. I know I could do better, but I don't travel much.

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    I had it happen to me the other day. All I did was backout of the browser and shutdown and restart my laptop. I have Webroot and Windows Defender
    on my laptop and it never set them off or gave me a warning. So I don't worry about it.

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    there's quite a few scare-wares out there for Andriod, too.
    not that i watch much porn........ i'm too busy living it, baby, yeah!

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