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Thread: We all need to be cured of infantilism.

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    Default We all need to be cured of infantilism.

    Just came across this.

    Jerry Springer 10/12/1992 - Adults Who Act Like Babies (Stephanie/Tommy/Heidi ABDL FULL EPISODE) - YouTube

    It's an early Springer show on adults who like to act like babies.

    As many of you, I often wonder about what the general public perception would be on ABDL'ism or infantilism. This vid is of an early show when it was more tame.

    The first female guest is very intelligent, well spoken, knowledgeable and steadfast. She ends up with two other adult babies on the show and the shrink who goes on to declare that ABDL's suffer from a disease and seek a cure.

    I wonder how much of the general population would still react in this way even with the advancement of the internet where they could have become exposed to the like and formed an opinion either way.

    As a post disclaimer I am not advocating hitting the public streets wearing nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt but rather was musing about the callous misconceptions about the world of ABDL.

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    I just realized that this thread may have been better-suited in mature topic or off-topic.

    If possible can a moderator make the change?

    Thank you for taking the time to consider.

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    What I never really get about those shows (I know it's more about creating a sensationalist tv entertainment at the cost of the "Protagonists" than anything else, but still) is this:

    WHY do the participants have to be fully dressed up like that.
    I'm no AB - but have been around the block of kink long enough to have seen more than my fair share in terms of people and their fetishes.
    But it is one thing to be fully dressed up at a kink-meeting, fetish party, kink-event, AB-event or whatever OR AT HOME and it's an entirely different matter to present yourself in such an attire to a global audience.
    The later never really will go well - and I personally have some dislike for it too. Whilst I really respect "personal choices & personal freedom" - even if it's stuff I don't understand - I always think that public exposure doesn't really help anyone.

    Just imagine the same show - but the women (whilst maybe wearing a diaper) being fully clothed... or The other two guy not going in full AB Mode but just wearing regular stuff, but having the same discussion.
    I think it would indeed go over much better, as it would look less extreme.

    And sorry to say, but the "shrink" on that show is an absolute joke from a modern psychological point of view.

    So I'd say if a shows would be made with the characters normally clothed (with or without diapers beneath) and they would actually hire a proper psychologist with a modern understanding of kinks and stuff... the show would be far more educational, but alas I guess it's sensationalist shock-value would be entirely eradicated

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    the context of the year is very important from that clip. If I'm not mistaken it's either 1993 or 1994. It was an extremely different world back then. I really don't think that you would get the same reaction especially from the therapist if you present those questions today. Maybe was some that are still on the outside, but I think that a majority of intelligent people will see things differently than you saw in that show.
    Keep in mind that in that day gays and lesbians were taboo. Transsexual's for all intents and purposes did not exist to the public. So it's a very different time I would expect an extremely different reaction

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    Yea I agree the video said it was from 1992 from the date on the clip I was only 4 months old at the time. The way people look at stuff has changed a lot.

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    It's the jerry springer everything on that show is done for shock value.Maybe if they were to go opera or dr phil in more recent years it would be diffrerent.

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    ...But still, if there was a cure, I'd take it. A sort of "silver bullet" if you will.

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    I wouldn't take the cure if they had one. I have always felt the way I do its how I am, I think if I took that part of me away my personality would be different and I would be a compleatly different person.

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    Making a cure for AB/DL is like accepting society's cure for different.

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    You have to wonder how he found them. Pre-internet, I had no idea there was anyone else like that, and I am one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyEmilyLG View Post
    Making a cure for AB/DL is like accepting society's cure for different.
    That's a good way of putting it, so I need to share some of my thoughts about the topic. I'm a furry, and I have heard peoples' attitude about furries being weird and are therefore wrong. I know don't like the idea that I'm somehow a problem because I like to be different from what is considered normal. That being said, I also believe that people shouldn't overdo things regardless of what you're into. There is nothing wrong with being a bit on the unusual side, as long as what you're doing doesn't cause harm to others.

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