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Thread: sleeping in wet diapers?

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    Default sleeping in wet diapers?

    I just wanted to know if it is safe to sleep in an already wet diaper, will you get any rashes or anything?

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    Eventually, you'll have trouble. However, modern disposables are going to keep most of the moisture away. Sleeping in a wet disposable probably isn't going to lead to a rash. I'd be more concerned about cloth, but just keep an eye on the condition of your skin and you'll be fine.

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    All depends on your skin really, I sleep wet and never get a rash, never used to use powder or cream or anything really but that's just me. Next person you talk to could use all or none of it and still get a rash.
    I've just started using baby powder for curing a rash but mainly as I'm wearing a heck of a lot more lately and for the smell :3
    I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least use powder and see how you go.

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    If it was only wet within an hour or so of bedtime then you should be alright if it is just a little bit. Make sure to use some diaper rash ointment if you start to feel any irritation. Diaper rash is easily taken care of if you start early. For me it is not always affordable for me to change before bed when I am just a little wet. Just remember that the longer you wear it the worse it will smell when you wake up.

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    I sleep wet a lot of nights, and I wear cloth. I may have tough skin, but I use baby lotion in the morning, and I think that helps.

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    I sleep in cloth every night and am wet. I do use cornstarch powder though and not bothered by rash.

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    Thats what its there for. I put one on before I get in bed and if I lay there and watch tv for a while, I will need to pee. So that pee and whet ever else happends while im sleeping stays there all night

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    It's fine, but if you do it a lot you may get some irritation. A short break and a bit of lotion clears it right up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    I sleep in cloth every night and am wet. I do use cornstarch powder though and not bothered by rash.
    Same here, I wear cloth every night, but use cornstarch baby powder, shower in the morning and never get rashes.

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