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Thread: can anyone help explain how i find my little/baby side i really wanna find it plz help

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    Post can anyone help explain how i find my little/baby side i really wanna find it plz help

    Hello my name is babyenergy1 and im new here and i just was asking anyone who can explain how to can show or get my little/baby side out i suck on a pacifier wear diaper and watch little kid show / baby show can anyone help plz i would be so happy if u could

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyenergy1 View Post
    Hello my name is babyenergy1 and im new here and i just was asking anyone who can explain how to can show or get my little/baby side out i suck on a pacifier wear diaper and watch little kid show / baby show can anyone help plz i would be so happy if u could
    I'm not sure if I can help you with this, but I noticed that you posted this 5 hours ago and no one responded. Normally a new member is supposed to post an Introduction Thread as their first thread, which helps you actually make friends on the site. That said however, I'll respond to your question.

    I regress rather heavily, but I think it comes naturally. For me, wearing diapers is a sexual fetish, and so I get turned on as soon as I put on a diaper. The diaper triggers an emotional response, that of feeling "little" or like a toddler, and sometimes, all the way to feeling like a baby. This isn't something I deliberately control. It just happens.

    I have theories, but I'm not sure whether they stand up. I've noticed from other responses by members, that for those where diapers cause a sexual response, they often have talked about regressing, and many identify as either adult babies or like me, both AD/DL.

    From what you've said, you're doing all the right things to evoke a regressive response. When I was a child, I often pretended while playing games. If I was playing with my toy trucks, I was deep into a story like where people, and my trucks were building something. If I was playing guns (army, etc.) with my friends, I was really into it, really feeling like a soldier, hiding, scoping out the enemy, etc. I think the ability to fantasize as a child has a bearing on being able to regress while being an adult.

    The best I can suggest is to get into the part. Keep telling yourself that you are a baby, that you do the things babies do, etc. Play the part and internalize it.

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    well when i was a baby i was very very shy and i was scared to talk too anyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyenergy1 View Post
    well when i was a baby i was very very shy and i was scared to talk too anyone

    Well, like dogboy mentioned above...maybe give the introduction a try in Greetings / Introductions <<click to go there now<<< ...this helps us to know how better to help you too...

    It may just be, that you don't have as much a tendency to regress...and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that....there's no requisite to it...

    Experimenting can help you to find what feels right, or at least good...but, don't force it on's not something you have to do or be...

    You can run into problems with others here, just as you can anywhere...but, this really is a very safe environment to get to know others, let others get to know you...and probably most importantly...get to know yourself much better...

    Take a breath, relax, and start small...and please do know too...we are far more than about diapers and regression alone...we are a support community...there's bound to be people who identify, and who you can identify more closely with...give it time though...some people aren't on for weeks at a time...tell us some other interest...

    best wishes,

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    Basically, the're some options, but before I'd ask you something:

    It turns you on, when you enjoy this class of activities ?
    You sleep good an enough ?
    You have, or did you have had some bedweting issues ?
    Some GF ?
    Have you been abused ?

    After this I'd tell you something more, but try to do what told you Marka, I'd help.

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    it does not turn me on
    yes and no im up all night play games on weekends
    no gf
    no have not been abused

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    Seems you'd be AB. Trigger may be related with your bedwetting, may be not. If no GF... You don't enjoy some kind of sexual activities ? What about your self-confidence ? Seems as you told before, no so much. It looks like you're searching for your tranquility in your baby mind. Be carefull, you can end in some kind of problems. There're a lot of people who're 24/7/365 in baby mode and lot of times they aren't ables to do normal life... and ends in social isolation, later depresions... Try to balance between your baby chip and adult chip. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy your baby activities, but doing ONLY that is unsane.

    But I'm not shrink. If you want, you'd try to visit any. But be carefull, lot of them are very $p€cialists.

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    Everyone reacts differently, The first response indicated that he gets sexually aroused by wearing diapers, I'm similar (my trigger being dummies).

    We all got these feelings from somewhere, it can be from a sense of security or a repressed memory. When I was a toddler a balloon burst in my face and scared the crap out of me, my childhood was hindered by the fear of going to parties or other celebrations out of fear of balloons, I was teased so badly for it. Eventually I developed a balloon fetish, which evolved into being aroused by anything filled with air, which lead to my discovery that dummies are my ultimate trigger.

    Let's try to avoid that topic though, this forum has a PG-13 policy. I guess what I'm saying is; if you aren't getting any pleasure from it (sexual or otherwise) then it's probably not for you, unless you are drawn to these baby items somehow.

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    Unfortunately there is no easy way to find your "little side". I always found putting yourself in an environment where roleplay is encouraged always helps, and maybe a few good Disney cartoons. Padding, a paci, some coloring books and toys and a plushie will all help too.

    Finding your "little side" will just be a matter of trial and error. I will also point out that mood and being content with it all is a must.

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    i used to wet the bed when i was in elementary, and ive barely had any girlfriends (they want a man, not a boy, unfortunately) but i'm in the same boat as you my friend. and when i used to have a paci, i tried to enjoy it, but i was always too afraid of discovery and too turned on to be able to enjoy myself and experience a baby side. the trick, i think, comes from finding old shows from when you were a boy, like for me i watch blues clues and P&F along with the big comfy couch. i also used to go supre way overboard to ensure i'd reach baby mode by watching a bunch of really girly stuff like Strawberry Panic or My Little Pony and especially disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas and alice in wonderland. pretty much any disney movie will do. are you musically inclined? perhaps music would help. if you have Pandora there's a channel called Disney Songs & Story that plays all sorts of kiddie music that really sets the playful innocent mood i love getting into. along with that, look up Caramelldansen (my favorite is the MK remix) and others such as Smile.DK and Toy-Box and pretty much any type of Bubblegum Dance (if you arent familiar with that genre, here's a link). Bubblegum dance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    hope this helps
    david/butterscotch <3

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